Disk magazine "FutureDisk" to return to the MSX scene (1500+ chars) 

FutureDisk to return to the MSX scene

In the land of for the , was one of the more well-known and longer lived ones, with almost 50 editions of its disk magazine. Now, more than 20 years later, a bunch of the former crew along with some fresh blood, are planning to return in 2022 with a new issue of FutureDisk! Its first new release is expected to be released at MSX Fair Nijmegen 2022 before a world-wide release online.

What is a disk magazine?

A , for those unaware, was/is something akin to a ; a collection of creative content, presented on disk media.
For the MSX scene this often included reviews of software such as games, other disk magazines and (digital) music collections, as well as guides, game hints, music covers in form, scene news, demos, , etc. All presented in a digital interface with nice graphics, animations, music and scrollers. ;)
See for instance this overview of FutureDisk 01 for an example of what you could expect on one.

Who will be involved?

MSX sceners such as , (who you might also know from his involvement in OCRemix projects), Pat, , and .

Where to follow updates?

The comments section of the FD2022 announcement on and are probably a good place to start.

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