Wakka wakka wakka! @SuricrasiaOnline is definitely taking this to another level :D

Image descriptions: progression of 's shader: a 'plain' Pac-Man moving across a black screen, to the same Pac-Man eating a path through the background.

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Okay, 's last-minute transformation of his scene transforming the city-like structures into organic reclaimed space (as he called it) was absolutely stunning and amazing! clips.twitch.tv/UglyHotOryxSoo

While I really liked what was doing too, Evvvvil's scene just blew me away! :D Just... WOW!

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If you are a , please consider looking at and (and tools such as ShaderToy and Bonzomatic) to introduce kids to formulae in a playful way.

I think I would've paid a lot more interest and attention to in high-school if it was combined with such a application.

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@FiXato if I knew advanced math would come in handy in assembly demos and game engines I would have been totally into it back in high school for sure.

@FiXato Thank you I will introduce this to my younger siblings.
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