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Started an alt for @FiXato here on to see if is a closer match to what I want out of a , feature-wise.
So, it's time for a re-introduction:

Who am I?

I'm FiXato, a stay-at-home father of a two-year-old I often refer to as .
While I was born in the Netherlands, I've been living in northern Norway for quite some time now.

What do I do?

In day-to-day life I take care of our son while the missus is at work, and when I have some spare time and headspace, I like to tinker on my various coding projects.

Aside from that, I like to play some mobile Android games such as , and .

Overview in hashtags:



Fan of:

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what do you call an old discourse that should have died a long time ago? 


@Cheatha can you explain the purpose of @Desdenova and why it follows me?

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Hey folks - general coding question, particularly in respect to low-memory and retrocomputing environments.

Is there a generally known "good" technique or efficient approach for moving a viewport window around a stored map? Think of an Ultima 4 kind of deal.

It's kinda hard to find info about something like this now without getting a ton of results specific to Unity etc.

Any pointers welcomed, general info and commentary over specific code examples preferred.

Thanks! :awesome:

Another Starry Night

Gonna let this water colour impression of Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Night dry, and then see if I want to add something else, like the TARDIS that was in my friend's example I have on the wall here.
My friend's example lacks quite some of the details of the original, which also helped me keep mine simple, and to not get lost in all the (lovely) details.

Van Gogh's original is probably one of my all-time favourite paintings, even though Vincent considered it a failure himself. I guess it was to be expected I had to try to do my own version of it, to see what it could look like in a different medium.

Messed up again a couple of times with too much water, and going over parts that hadn't dried enough, so I expect to redo this one further down the road too.

It's been ages since I last posted something to my account, but I figured I'd post my latest there for a change: Mana Tree from Secret of Mana (SNES) by FiXato on DeviantArt

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Any tips on what to do against a randomly vibrating eyelid?
It's been frequently annoying me for the past couple of days...

Mana Tree: Painting with water colours by example

Quite satisfied how my version of the from for the turned out.
Feel free to compare it to the original art of the Secret of Mana Mana Tree.

While I used , I also realise I probably haven't really used the medium the way it is supposed to be used. Perhaps I should give acrylics a try too. :)

I like using it for backgrounds such as water and sky, but I struggle a bit with using it for mid- and foreground details.

It will be interesting to come back to this piece, and redo it when I've grown more accustomed to the media and techniques.

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trying out watercolours! (the real ones this time lol) 🎨


pun: why is tea great? 

Because it is tea-riffic.

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About image descriptions (long) 

1 - What's an image description?

An image description is a text attached to an image which describes what is in that image.

For instance, an image description for the custom emoji :gaysper:​ can be "a ghost with the colors of the rainbow flag".

2 - How do image descriptions work?

On Mastodon (and several other things that connect with Mastodon instances, but not all), you have the possibility of adding a description that doesn't take away from your post's character limit, and that will show as alt text.

If you are able to, go to this post and put your mouse's cursor above the image for a while to show its description:

On Monsterpit (the instance I'm on), the image description also appears below the image, but this isn't the case for most instances.

3 - How to insert image descriptions?

When you upload an image and hover (put your mouse/tap) over it, a few options appear. The image description is in the bottom:

(This image shows Mastodon's image posting interface, using an intersex pride flag as an example.)

Since this description will only be read by people with mouses or (some?) screen readers, some people defend that you should preferably put your descriptions in the body of the post, if possible, but I'm not sure if that's something everyone agrees it's better.

4 - Why should people use this feature?

• People who are blind or who have similar disabilities use screen readers to read their timelines, so this makes your post more understandable to them;

• Some neurodivergent people have trouble figuring out what some images are about if it's not pointed out to them;

• People using text-only browsers/interfaces or whose internet is bad won't be able to understand your post if you don't caption your images;

• Some people are courteous to people who fit the above criteria and avoid or refuse to boost posts without image descriptions.

5 - What if I'm unable to describe my image?

If you can't describe an image because of your own disability or other kind of difficulty, you may want to:

• Ask for help;

• Content warn the post, saying it has no image description;

• Pin a post saying you are unable to describe images and saying people are welcome to do so if they wish.

If you can't describe it because of the character limit (if it's, for instance, some long text/comic), you may want to reply to the post with an image description, and warn on the original post that the description is on the replies.

6 - What if I forgot to add the image description?

You may use the Delete & Redraft option and add it, or reply to the post with the image description.

7 - Tips for describing images?

Here are some links:

#accessibility #imagedescriptions 🏷

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You know who I want to see return to star trek in Picard?

Basically the entire crew of Voyager, but especially Tom Paris and B'elana.

Show me how Tom has adjusted. Show me why he got fired again, or how he managed not to (and then, really, you gotta convince me why he didn't quit.)

The crew of Voyager endured an exceptional amount of Trauma, but Tom specifically had no business being there.

Him and Harry are the only characters from that show that seemed at all Normal.

Got to do some experimenting with my new today, as well as trying my hand at some techniques from videos I've been watching.

Still have a lot to learn and practise, and need to get used to the differences between the various kinds of paper we have.

Especially with the big sheet of paper it dried up a lot paler than I'd expected.

I like the yellow, orange, green, light blue and deep purple from this set of water colour , though I'm a bit underwhelmed so far about the red and pink.

Maybe I'll also get some better results when I don't have to pay attention to playing with his own paints at the same time. ;)

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: The of 's listening party from a couple of days ago on his channel:

"Chatting and listening to covers submitted by fellow folks"

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fuck it, I'm releasing my databending drum machine TONIGHT

make drum loops with percussive samples procedurally generated from opus codec glitches!~ 🥁💥💻

Bought some new , my first 'proper' ones rather than the usual kids' set, and found an pad from my childhood that barely saw any use, and hope to bring some change to that.

Won't be tonight though. Maybe tomorrow during the day.

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help me pay for ttrpg arts maybe? 

It's already almost at 50% of the total goal?!

Thank you so much everyone who has tipped or boosted! This is so reassuring! 💙

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