Hey friends I've decided to kinda switch mosta my activity over here



I have slowly become aware of this problem and its various permutations! Will maybe have to do something about it soonish (account migration??)

does anybody have any guides/info about account migration?

"People are so entitled today", says middle aged white man in front of an auditorium full of his companies employees whom he is currently paying to listen to him whine at a mandatory company function

I got home tonight and one of my roommates was playing my ps2 copy of Sonic Unleashed.

The only thing one does not care to acknowledge more than the mistakes of one's youth...is to see the next generation repeat them.

"you know that one webcomic that was silly but got too full of itself and and got really dark?"
Oh you mean literally every webcomic?

times and thought nothing of it. The first
time I picked up the N64 controller and
played Super Mario 64, I was astounded
at how fun it was to make Mario run and
jump again. I would run Mario around

Star Wars 

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Star Wars 

blast christmas
you processed a blast
but the very next day
you gotta go fast

There's also the fact that, as a movie, RPO has to establish the *look* of all its own original mise en scene, which then makes the pop culture referency stuff stick out like a whole fistful of sore thumbs.

There's a reason heavy pop culture referencing most directly happens in recent-past period pieces set in the modern world.

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So the moral of the story?? This movie is liable to bomb in ways I didn't even *realize* it was setting itself up to.

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Most people going to the movies? They know what a Delorean is.

Tracer and Chun li are both from fairly popular video games.

Iron Giant? You're steadily creeping into the divide between nerd culture's preservationist values and the fact that Nobody Has A Memory Over Two Years.

And, I'm sorry, and I say this as a fan, but *nobody* in America knows what the fuck Gundam is. Bandai *failed* spectacularly to make that catch on past Wing. I was *there*. I watched it happen.

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