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🐧 Introduction Post! 🐧 

All trans/non-binary people deserve a free Nintendo Switch.

Boost if you agree.

🐧 Introduction Post! 🐧 

@JohnUK89 Trying to send a direct message, to see if I pressed the right thing.

In good news though, Danni does have an appointment with wheelchair services at the start or October! Hopefully they can get the right wheelchair for their needs soon rather than relying off the second hand one off eBay that they've been trying to use for the past 6 years.

Johan reminded me this was a thing. There are a lot more apps available now. Trying Subway Tooter as can make it dark, purple and have huge text.

Any suggestions on an Android app that works in landscape and lets me make the text huge?

Took a couple of days but I figured out creating an account. Now to figure out using this (and making text bigger in the app as it's tiny).


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