Endocrinologist called me and told me my test results and that they were good and she also told me that I was not a "Born biological woman" and I had to try really hard not to laugh as what else could there be? Created robotical woman? Also no one is technically born a woman

Cursed thought 

CToSD=Conspiracy Theory of Structural Dissociation

fox escaped after they refused medical care to it so I went to find it again and hoping I could do something. I realized that it was a dream as I went to use a secret elevator up. I continued looking then I realized again that it was a dream and tried to do something and

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I got a tranquilizer gun and shot it and brought it to the facility. The fox looked messed up and had eyes sticking out and it had the mouth open at all times and drooling. Inside people did not want to give medical help to the fox and eventually it escaped again. Eventually the

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I dreamt that there was some kind of lab or hospital I was helping to fix. The people there were really grumpy and it was hard to help them. It looked like some secret underground facility when I looked closer. I was outside on a walk when I saw a red black fox. It looked hurt so

We got some weird pamphlet in the mail that said how chinese communism is a great threat and very imperialist

Decided we are going to try to get a ADHD diagnosis

thought to myself what it really was about but I could not get enough brain power to do more thinking than that

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I dreamt something else too the same night that was a sort of lucid dream where I had started climbing a rope ladder in a transparent square wave shaped structure and it was quite weird as I realized it was obviously not the real world and

make sense of but I think it was vaguely like a lion's face. Someone appeared and started a conversation with me by saying: Long cooking is when you cook for more than an hour right? And I answered: Yes I guess as I make chili like that at times

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the house was changed somehow like it was mixed with a friends house and some relatives house and there was a kitchen sink in the basement. The sink was strange that it had several sinks and one was heart shaped and there was one more with some strange shape that I could not

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I dreamt that there was some kind of party with relatives. It was in the night of late evening and it was a long table that stretched across the yard that was lit up with many decorated lights. A large amount of guests were at the table. I went into the house to get something and

One internet friend was there and he just hid behind a wall and others in the room were also very scared and just hid and told me to put it away and refused to look at it but I was unaffected

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I dreamt that I was in some basement TV room and got hold of someone everyone called an infohazard. The infohazard looked as following: A puzzle cube consisting of several puzzle building blocks that always changed colors in a very unnatural way.

Do you know why some hyenas are bad at sneaking? They are spotted

I got borderlands 3 free on the epic store

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