Its gonna be a short week of these cause I'm out the after Tuesday, so good to start the week with a good one!

The teams emojis were `🍦🐧🗽💌`
And I really liked how incorporated all the emojis

Today we learned that leans really hard towards "Red Tattoo" in !

Today the prompt was `💉🐚🫠` and this was my favorite that it spat out

Would you get this tattoo?

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The team a good job today with making a cohesive theme for the days emojis! Hope you enjoy!
Happy Wednesday everyone!

🎋 🐒 👻

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Today we got a four emoji prompt!

`💯🦉🌌🌊 `

I'm having a lot of fun with these emoji prompts! Excited to see what we get tomorrow

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Happy Monday Team!

This week we are going emoji images. So each team members gives an emoji and we see what spits out!

Today's prompt was `☄️ 👀 🐫 `

Happy Friday!

To finish off this week of Origami, we have another double!

We got Gotham City skyline, and a half a Batman face both thanks to

Next week we are gonna try something new and do "emoji madlibs"! Excited to see how they turn out

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Today I had the team come up with ideas, and we voted on our favorite image

Here we have a pumpkin patch!

Hope everyone is having a good week

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This is different for me but I wrote a short… I guess story lol
Posted it over on cohost, let me know what you think!

Editing posts is hard cause after the first read through I start skipping over full sentences. Gotta wait a few hours for my caches to flush before reading it again

To make up for earlier this weeks blunder, I'll let you see today's origami before my team if you promise not to tell 🙉

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And we'll finish off the double feature with todays Butterflies!

I liked how much more colorful this is than yesterdays

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Oh no! It's Tuesday and I forgot to start this weeks thread

This weeks theme is going to be `Origami`

And we'll start of todays double feature with this dragon from yesterday!

Happy Friday! This morning I needed some help waking up, luckily this friend was able to make me some espresso!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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Good morning internet, this morning you get a sneak peek of today's image ahead of standup!

I wanted this Chameleon to be holding the magnifying glass but this still might be one of my favorite images

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This weeks AI Art theme is going to be Animals!

To kick off this 4 day work week, we have this kitten on a piano

Made using 's new 'test' mode which I think uses in part under the hood!

Happy Friday!

One of my team members is doing a badminton tournament this weekend, so today's picture takes that as inspiration!

Gotta spend some of my long weekend picking out next weeks theme, any ideas?

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Today we have two variations of the same image with different settings, one more cartoony and one that matches MidJourneys typical style

Which one do you like best?

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This weeks theme is "Space" and today we have this field of Alien Eggs

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I've been doing something with my team at that I've really liked!

Each week we pick a "theme" and then for standup each morning I create a MidJourney or StableDiffusion picture to go with the theme

Going to start posting them here too!

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