Good morning team I’m going to be joined by Josh again for an awesome Snake Sunday stream!

We’re going to do some Platinum game Retros while we also try to build a new slime based custom map!

Starting at 1pm EDT, 10am PDT

🙈 We are going to continue the streaming break today. I was planning on doing a HackTheBox stream, but going to continue my break and come back with a bang on Sunday for another Snake Sunday with Josh!

No Battlesnake stream tomorrow! Taking this week off cause I’ve got some family in town so hanging out with them

Will be back next Sunday, likely with Josh again! And tune in Tuesday for another HackTheBox stream!

Hope to see everyone soon

I’m gonna do a stream tomorrow night at 7pm edt, and we’re going to be trying something new. I tried this weekend and had fun so let’s try on stream! This is all pretty new to me so it should be fun!

Come watch me fumble around lol

Ok still happens on the `2022-07-04` release of Rust Analyzer from Github Releases. Deeper we go!

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Oh huh! If I switch the order from `Sync + Send` to `Send + Sync` the error message goes away 🤔

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Before anyone goes to complain about the error message, I think it might be `rust-analyzer` only. I don't get it with a 'real' `cargo build` (on nightly which this project uses)

I'll have to try upgrading my version of rust-analyzer and see if that helps!

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It's always a good day when you run into errors like this one!

Good morning everyone!

In just over an hour at noon edt, we’re gonna do another Snake Sunday stream!
This week is going to be a chiller stream where we work more on my minimax visualizations

Come hang out!

I started trying some HackTheBox today and got my first reverse shell.

Yes it was the intro walkthrough levels, but still felt pretty good!

Getting all set up to go live now! Come hang out and chat with me and Josh

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Today I'm having Josh from the Discord come chat on stream!

He's got a snake made in Zig, so we'll be chatting about , Monte Carlo Tree Search and Summer League!

Tune in to hang out and chat!
We're getting started at 1PM EDT/10AM PDT

Figuring out the details, but I’m probably gonna have my first guest on stream this week, I’m pretty excited! Stay tuned to hear who I’m going to be talking to!
We’re also probably going to start an hour later at 10 PDT/1 EDT
Hope to see you there!

Ooh I love the team! just sent me some new fun beta stuff that has been working on, to try out on stream

No spoilers, you’ll just have to come hang out to find out what they’ve been cooking up!

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Took last week off, but I’m pumped to be back streaming this week!

At noon edt I’ll be doing some! We have a few things to finish up for the single player maze map, and we’ll see what we start after that! Come hang out with me

"Ooh you know what the issue tracker for my blog really needs? Emojis as tags!"

Procrastination at its finest lol

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"Well I want to share my progress on NewFunProject, so do I need to add a section for it to me blog?"

"Does it need its own Twitter account?"

"While I touch my blog I might as well add the dark mode I've been thinking about for awhile"

It never ends!

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That feeling of wanting to start on NewFunProject, but coming up with 10 side quests to work on before you can start the NewFunThing

Why do I do this to myself 🤣

Just an FYI, I'm going to take this week off from my normal Sunday stream! Got some friends in town and going to hang out this weekend

I'll be back next weekend though as Summer League starts to kick off!

Starting off Day 2 of Virtual , excited for all today's talks!
(I know I'm starting a bit late, I have some to watch later)

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