When I look at myself when I am freaking out from when I am calmer it's like I am looking at another person or like I was drunk or something.

And like I guess leaving all my group chats wasn't like an awful thing to do, it was a bit weird and childish? I don't really know why I thought that would help.

I don't really understand why I am like this.

I am really embarrassed how I acted yesterday when I was depressed. Ugh


I think I have my shit together a bit more now.



I did manage to put away all the bathroom boxes and a lot of the living room boxes, and the kitchen boxes (except one which is a bedroom box but for some reason got labeled kitchen)

I got a new bigger bed. This means that I can put my teddies on it. They take about the same amount of room (and there are still a couple more left to find) as a person, making it smaller than my old bed in Billie space terms.

And furnishing places is expensive too 😢

I think I am just going to start dumping the stuff that doesn't really have a place into kitchen cabinates. At least I have a lot of those.

Moving without really owning any furniture fucking SUCKS.

This is my first house where I have furnished it and geez it blows so much not having places to finish unpacking into.

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It's hard to get a good curry in Berlin Vs London. It's hard to get good hummus in London Vs Berlin

I cannot read/hear the word kid without mentally replacing it with "baby goats"

Handing back the keys to my old place today

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