"The idea is that somehow, nonwhite people or outsiders or strangers or foreigners will overtake the United States via immigration, reproduction and seizure of political power."

So, what you mean is, Nonwhite people taking back what whites took in the first place?

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It's an old idea once on the fringes of white supremacist dogma, and it's not only being openly embraced by people like Carlson, but elected Republican politicians have also made such arguments recently.

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People like Anthony Stallard... Well, they restore my faith in humanity.

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Some days it's actually kind of fun being on TikTok & engaging with people about cool archaeology topics.
Other days you just look at what people are choosing to write in the comments and

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Recording with the @SpookySciPod@twitter.com later tonight, IDK what Feral folk have to do with portals to the underworld, but we're about to find out

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I stayed quiet about this for three months. Though this is not the only reason why I left CWU, I don't plan on publicly sharing any more details regarding why I left. Ultimately, this was a negative experience that I want to move on from. And will move on from!

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Regarding Elizabeth Weiss, and why I left Central Washington University.

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Unacceptable. The fact that people are ARGUING over this is unacceptable. The gatekeeping is exhausting. This entire storm is exhausting. I'm embarrassed that the ANTH/ARCHAEO community is handling everything in this manner. We need to do better. There is no question here. 2/2.

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I've personally kept quiet on the ArchaeoTwitter discussion this week up to now: I personally cannot endorse an Archaeologist that does not support NAGPRA. If you're going around saying that things are at risk of being repatriated and you think that's a BAD THING?! No...1/2

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Gearing up for a much-needed chat with @karenstollznow@twitter.com and @parabaxter@twitter.com about haunted places and spooky investigations.

Love me some ghost investigations.

I want to be excited about this.... Mmmm please don't suck

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Join Will Smith on an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime adventure around the world. Welcome to Earth, an Original Series from @NatGeo@twitter.com, is streaming this December only on .

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Issues have more reach then we do... We're doing something wrong. We need to talk about the messy more, the difficult, the perplexing and work with our stakeholders for the answers. And we need to be public about it all the good, the bad, & the ugly. Embarrassment is irrelevant.

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This is how bad our outreach is. We have to try harder. We know who is like this & who isn't but we will always be lumped in with them if we don't speak up more. When art historians who dont have the hundreds of hours of stressful engagement with the delicate nuances of these twitter.com/HistoryArtLove/sta

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Any archaeologists who thinks NAGPRA subtracts rather than adds to our field has either had no or very little experience with it. The time I have spent working with Indigenous nations has been greatly beneficial to our field in knowledge and future work.

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An archaeologist (or bioanthropologist) posting gratuitous photos of human remains is not just morally reprehensible, it's professionally incompetent.

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