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im so busy even on the weekends but here are the kitties chilling on the couch ❤️

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I haven't checked Twitter for a few days and then I log in to see we're eating our own again.

Yall seriously need to stop.

Uh, @helleborezine@twitter.com, are you trying to hex me? Or am I supposed to be interpreting this like a rune reading?

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I don’t know much about crypto but left Twitter is united against it so I assume it’s going to be wildly successful

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Fingers crossed my car is fixed today and I get to come home now. Durham has been nice, but I miss my cats.

This dude is serious. Think about that when you dismiss pseudoarchaeology as just being funny or not a real issue.

Once an offering has been made to the dead, it's unlucky to take it back. That might explain why none of the money left here is taken, even by the graveyard staff.


When does a grave marker become paranormal? And how does that change how we interact with it?

Off to look at cemeteries and haunted sites in Raleigh, NC. I'll post some deeper thoughts when the sun isn't blinding me.

Asking for a friend

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Is there anyone who understands the path from to academic , and is willing to explain it to me? Also, the the "CRM stink" real or just something embittered CRM folx talk about?

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