Reminder that I'm not on this account anymore. You probably want to follow me at instead. Thanks!

Hi! SocialWG meeting is in 15 minutes, now would be a great time to connect to Mumble and make sure your audio is working :)

W3C Social Web Community Group is having its kick-off call in a little less than three hours! (Friday, May 5th of 2017 at 4PM GMT!) Let's talk the future of the federated social web!

* Call details wiki page: (feel free to add topics)
* Original announcement:

Hope to see you there!

Okay, yup, so I moved over here, to the account. Update your subscriptions!

I might repost a few of the posts I make here on the account that are Social Web Incubator Community Group organizing stuff so people who haven't noticed the move are still in the loop. But I'm mostly moved over.

Thanks to both admins of and for being nice and giving me places to hang out here!

About, I'm gonna miss it, though hopefully I won't have to miss it too much because federation. I really enjoyed being there and the people are great. A whitelist probably doesn't work for me because I'm trying to get the word out about a federation standard, but all the best for what needs!

So, setting this up as my new account, though I'm slightly nervous because I've seen a few 500 errors since I set up the account. Seems like a nice place with nice people on it though! (Once Mastodon and friends are running ActivityPub I'll self-host. Due to heavy amounts of irony, federation standards deadlines are keeping me from doing best by federation and self-hosting at the moment.)

hm, seems to be throwing errors atm.

Last week at Emacs Berlin I gave a demo of Synaesthetic (image glitching tool) and of Mastodon.el (toot from Emacs). Here's the video

I've made a github ActivityPub issue for this search-engine controversy, with the idea that protocol support might help. Consider summarizing your thoughts in

@Balor @vhf @cwebber @maiyannah

Hm, if is going whitelist-only, I think that's fine for, but maybe not fine for me. Maybe I should move.

Any node recommendations I might consider?

Removing items from my agenda like a boss.

Actually I'm just removing due dates and tagging with "reschedule" like a wimp.

Cleaning up my orgmode agenda. I haven't touched it in so long I've become afraid of it.

@sandhawke @maiyannah So, Diaspora and Google Plus both have the aspects/circles thing and this was a popular feature for exactly this reason.

ActivityPub supports this via collections of users. Maybe that's also what people want. (Mastodon and GNU Social don't yet but could.) We haven't emphasized it though in examples...

@bob @wilkie @cwebber The industry really should have just stopped at ncurses interfaces

I should have mentioned @cwebber and probably made that a reply. I wonder if mentioning a toot

Actually, I guess this deserves an AP issue. Shall I raise it?

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It seems to me robots.txt or #nobot or a flag in the activitystream, or any advisory setting, isn't going to be more than a speed bump to abuse. In fact, it'll be a pain for ordinary users, while the folks with bot/troll armies will ignore that setting and index the fediverse as much as they want. And a "friend-locked" mode feels very restrictive. Maybe: friends-of-friends locked. Maybe some other social-graph algo. Maybe a TOS click-through legal tool.

help I need to stop talking about complicated federation standard things and get out this federation standard CR

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