I don’t care what the haters say. I love the 8. #seattle

@nein09 People hate the 8? I've always found it perfectly fine.

@zompus reasons I hear:

- it’s late a lot, like 30 minutes late
- that part going up Denny from Stewart during rush hour
- super bumpy ride
- why does it cut over to 23rd for two blocks
- that part on John between Madison and 23rd, that should barely even be a road, why are we here on a giant-ass bus


@nein09 Eh I guess if I had to ride it every day it would get annoying. I'm spoiled, I occasionally take it from Mount Baker Transit Center up to Seattle Center on the weekend and it's perfectly cromulent.

@zompus that is the best possible circumstance under which to ride the 8! Good work.

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