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D Dino @garbados

hey friends, can you help me out? i'm looking for dev work.

i do python+js (django, node, etc) and have a background in web stuff and databases.

here's a recent resume: gist.github.com/garbados/db5ca

every lead helps ❤

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@garbados 👋 hi fren! check out stuff under the Engineering / Data / Cartography categories at mapbox.com/jobs/ and hit me up if you have questions

@garbados we're big on learning, so if you're interested but not sure if you qualify, apply anyway. we're also usually flexible on location

@tcql flexible on location is huge 👍 i'm based in pdx and relocation isn't an option

@balrogboogie heck! those are my skills! thank you for this ❤️

@garbados Would you be interested in working on Agora? What kind of wage are you looking for? You can see the source here:


@garbados Not sure if anything at Mozilla appeals, but that resume seems like what we often look for! careers.mozilla.org/listings/