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David Thompson @dthompson

Reading this article about the Thinkpad X62 mod.


Really interesting stuff, including battery saving tips that can be applied to any GNU/Linux laptop.

Does anyone know if the motherboard made for this machine has a whitelist that prevents using a non-intel wireless chip? I'm seriously looking at this to replace my X200 because all new laptops suck.

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@dthompson IIRC the whitelist is in the BIOS and if you run Coreboot/Libreboot you can replace the wifi chip? That's off my (often faulty) memory though.

@cwebber but the x62 motherboard has been put together by a group called n51, this isn't an official lenovo thing. so I don't see why they'd have a blacklist, but I'd like to confirm.

@cwebber y'know the real showstopper will probably be that the newer intel chips require a firmware blob for the GPU, which will of course not be present in linux-libre. :(

I meant X220, not X200. I might see what I can do about upgrading that one (i5 -> i7, 4 -> 16G RAM, a higher res display if possible?). I have but 2 complaints with the X220: 16:9 resolution (less of an issue the higher the screen res is), and terrible trackpad. I use the trackpoint and mouse buttons, and wish the trackpad could be removed entirely.

I guess a cpu upgrade is impossible because the chip is soldered to the motherboard. :(

@pati @mikegerwitz yes but it's not an official lenovo thing, it's a project made by a hobbyist group in China that upgrades an x61 with modern hardware. The article in my OP explains it all.

@mikegerwitz no because it's a new board developed by a hobbyist group in China.

@dthompson The T61 I have has a whitelist (although a patched BIOS exists) so I think the T62 would also have this antifeature.

@ckeen but the x62 motherboard is developed by a hobbyist group in China, not Lenovo, so you can't assume that.