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Sargoth (cat aspect) @Sargoth

Friends, cats and other mastodon users - are you ready and willing to do some SCIENCE?

I am asking because I have made this survey about the difference between being on Twitter and being on Mastodon, and would appreciate you taking three minutes of your time to fill it out

Thank you for reading. May good things come your way

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@Sargoth I love surveys! I will do this right now.

@Sargoth no problem. Hope you find out what you want.

@Sargoth I was a little tripped figuring out the meaning of 13/14, like, the answer is always "some, depending how I read the room," but otherwise very clear questions compared to a lot of surveys I've taken

@DenubisX please do not
it's directed specifically at mastodon users, and it'd make for bad data if non-users were to answer it

"You have contributed to the days beyond this one which are still perfect."

@Irick thus is my life motto

also, thanks :3

@Sargoth @Irick I don't know how to feel after I read it. it is filled with meaning and i don't know whether to cry or be happy because it could mean a thousand different things ;w;

@Sargoth I’m afraid my answers may skew data: this is in part because I have separate twitter accounts for friends and Everyone Else and the friends one is locked.

@aldersprig it'd only skew the data if you filled in the survey once for each account ^^

@Sargoth I sat at this question for a LONG time because the answer is so deeply contextual rather than a flat y/n

@Sargoth not touching alt accounts is a huge blind spot imo, locking is a prerequisite to sharing some things

@Sargoth My answers differ depending on whether I'm talking about me public or private Twitter. I answered for a combination of both but that makes twitter look more positive than it is.

@Sargoth you'll have a bias in your research from the people refusing to use google docs :)

@webmind that is a valid point, and I shall have to address it in the paper. thanks

@Sargoth Not giving more data to the googles. :F

@Sargoth just filled out the survey. Not being in a minority group, I don't get harassed and I don't feel Mastodon is safer. But, I haven't been on Mastodon as long as I have been on Twitter... And Mastodon is often too quiet... I have not learned to use nation more effectively than I see little difference (although i much prefer Mastodon on principles)

@sargoth Next time, maybe you could use something not owned and monitored by Google and use something like ? :)

@Sargoth Nothing about censorship? "Was your account closed or temporarily suspended by Twitter?"

Maybe you aren't aware of but there's isn't only mastodon in existence.
Also I won't use google they are bad.
Like @postblue said please use alternatives that won't promote/help centralization/tracking. What's the difference between (twitter or mastadon) and gnusocial? Google docs forms.

@Sargoth #MastodonSurvey
> Thank you for your participation. You have contributed to the days beyond this one which are still perfect.

@Sargoth I was thinking of your survey just now in a big conversation on Twitter on the pros and cons of ... Twitter. Realising how at home I feel in mastodon, but how much of my network I appreciate on Twitter.

Friends! The survey is now closed, and I am happy to report it received a grand total of 326 responses. Without having examined the numbers further, this fact alone speaks volumes about our capacity to get things done when we set our minds to it.

I want to thank each and every one of you who have responded to and boosted the survey. You are what makes mastodon and the fediverse great.

Thank you. And may cats bless your day.

@Sargoth tried answering your survey but it is closed now. Any chance of seeing the questions even if it's too late to participate? As @katebowles says, this is relevant to work we are doing as well (she says it much more eloquently than I)

@Sargoth interestingly, Martin Weller @Mweller (I thought he was here but can't find him!) blogged today about open cooperative models vs monetized models comparing Mastodon to Twitter and Taxi Cooperative to Uber. Idea being people creating their own spaces on their own terms/values, not using platforms that for-profits capitalize w their own values. That control/ownership itself makes something feel like an intentional home u build not one u buy ready-made w conditions of others