Follow-up: DOT linked me to this page that says way at the bottom that drivers should be ready to put traction devices on for safety. So chains ahoy!

Anyone in know if it's permissible to use snow chains in the city when it's snowing? I've tried googling around and can't find anything that says yes or no.

Looks like snow starts again 10am Friday, and I kind of need to drive somewhere on Friday night.

re: lewd scam spam 

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Last boost: none of the weddings I went to were like that.

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*slaps roof of a friend's wedding* this bad boy can fit so many dating opportunities in it

why my brain do this 

@nein09 Eh I guess if I had to ride it every day it would get annoying. I'm spoiled, I occasionally take it from Mount Baker Transit Center up to Seattle Center on the weekend and it's perfectly cromulent.

@nein09 People hate the 8? I've always found it perfectly fine.

@hayles Ohh yeah that one. I haven't watched it, so I didn't think of it.

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@verityvirtue I'm not familiar with Pushing Daisies, doesn't it have something to do with dead people?

@verityvirtue Oh yeah Bob's Burgers. I haven't watched much of that but that seems to be what I imagined. A show centered around the humor of running a restaurant.

Fresh Off The Boat would be the closest, but that takes place at home as much as in the reataurant

Cheers: bar
Fawlty Towers: restaurant
Friends: coffee shop, for part of it
Kim's Convenience: store, obvs
Superstore: store

Random thought: without googling, can you think of any sitcoms that center around a restaurant? I can't, off the top of my head.

@DialMforMara Interesting. I'll keep my ears open in case I hear about someone needing a technical writer.

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