@brownpau If they remade The Wonder Years with the same time gap then they could show Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Hampster Dance, and Dancing Baby

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@ionizedgirl Can't wait until they go the way of WeWork

Blue Angels flying overhead is a definite source of stress. Either it's hitting me more this year or I've forgotten how that felt after 2 years of no Blue Angels.

@Juju There's always two of them! Women comparing their pregnancy bellies! I can tell from the thumbnail now!

@Juju Ugh I've been clicking on Instagram reels to block those accounts but Instagram thinks I'm watching them so now I'm getting recommended reels of pregnant Mormon ladies in bikinis bragging about their husbands

Shoutout to the lady who walked up and ordered 90 tacos from the taco bus on Rainier Ave during the lunch rush.

@brownpau There's a channel I watch that's just 10-minute videos of Hong Kong barbecue butchers chopping roast meats. The sound of the kitchen plus old working-class guys speaking Cantonese is very soothing to me.

@ionizedgirl "What was THAT? I thought we were the only ones operating in this sector?"

@elizarde It was just a few minutes but it was enough to run outside and spin around a few times.

Youtube says it's been 8 years since Weird Al put out the video for "Tacky" and that is a goddamned lie


@elizarde @paparatti Hooray! Same here, it feels like weeks since I did any "real" cooking.

@elizarde @paparatti Our beans are full of beans! (not literally but they're growing fast)

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It is cooler today. Still warm by Seattle standards but no longer in heat wave range.

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