Welp, time to go do 2 hours of vigorous exercise

re: weather 

Probably the most impactful and disruptive natural disaster in my memory. The next closest would be the Southern California power outage in 2011 and the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake.

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Got my four free tests from the US government. Now I know to expect to burn through at least 10 tests per person for a COVID infection if testing every day. Very paltry allotment.

re: crypto 

At this rate bitcoin should reach $0 in about 57 hours.

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re: severe weather, climate change 

This is fine (still continued). This is apparently at a Chick-Fil-A in Texas. It's deadly heat out there but you still have to take food orders from bigoted people idling their planet-boiling machines, here's a sun shade so you don't die as fast.

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Urgent update from Nextdoor (I'm being sarcastic)

Day 9: similar to day 8, very slightly snotty. T line still there but it took longer to show up, definitely on the downslope.

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LinkedIn boomer meme 

A generation that failed to provide this environment for their kids. Really, when I get to "a generation that had parents who were there" I'm like....who are the parents of the generation you're subtweeting, eh?

Food, reddit 

Dumbest question I saw today. The premise that no one thought of eating chicken wings at all before someone in Buffalo decided to coat them in hot butter sauce?

When my afternoon meetings get cancelled unexpectedly


Salt and pepper tofu, recipe from Made With Lau

Star Wars meme 

How about a TV series about the poor schlubs who have to clean up after all these battles.

Posting again with alt-text, I'm still getting in the habit of describing pictures

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I mean, that little donate symbol on the left is downright deceptive.

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