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I can’t overstate how much Qud’s roleplay mode (where you can make checkpoints in settlements) has increased my enjoyment of this game. I would’ve long failed this run and gotten stuck restarting if it hadn’t been for it. Would’ve dropped the game by now

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Caves of Qud adventures of tonight: managed to get past Golgotha and most of Bethesda Susa, only to end up reloading from checkpoint *twice* so far because the same damn enemy had rushed me and sawed off the same hand. Twice.

Third attempt will need to wait until tomorrow 😩

that said, I have come pretty close a couple of times. Too close for comfort.

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it's been 2+ years of panini and a couple more years of fully-remote work and I'm happy to report that I have still, by the grace of Eris, managed to NOT end a video call with "I love you".

Praying for my continued success on this front.

ttrpg genres:

- D&D
- It's Not D&D (TM)
- star wars
- mysteries set in the racism times
- theatre improv games
- literally just group therapy
- D&D but with mice

Sweet! There's now a format-preserving, round-tripping-supporting library for written in JavaScript. Check it out!

It's basically like kdl-rs but in JS!

wondering if Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 aged well enough that they're worth replaying, now that I have easy access to playing them on a handheld device 👀

Looking at examples for the extra dopamine hit 😌

I’m v proud of this little language

anyway if you haven't checked it out already, please take a look at / , a super-clean, super-easy language optimized for humans that you can use to replace yaml, json, and xml.

Show thread someone is using to configure Angular in a really nice and extensible way! This is really cool!

I had a dream that I needed to do this so I woke up early for it

Oh wow Cloudpunk is very good. I’m glad I finally got around to playing it!!

And now my C/C++ bindings to @zkat's kdl-rs are no longer segfaulting in normal (readonly for now) use 🎉 (It was linker issues)
Now to write some docs

I'm tired of rich white men giving inordinate amounts of money to other white men who they "see themselves in" to basically fuck around and fail repeatedly, and then proceed to overindex them massively through knock-on effects.

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in the back of my mind, I know many reasons for this. I understand that there's complex systems in place and there isn't an easy solution.

And still I wonder how _bad_ things have to be where you get 0% representation for 50% of the population, much less others.

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having one of those days where it just feels very lonely when you see another major project/initiative in a community you're in and you see all the people involved and.... not a single person like you.

Please help me get stable while I am in a bit of a financial bind

"As I work to complete my program, I realize I cannot work any kind of “regular” job. Since I am trained as and enjoy working as a photographer, I intend to freelance to sustain myself as I study. These last couple of months have been particularly difficult as I’ve tried to maintain."

You can read the story and share and donate pls

I now have working* C/C++ bindings to @zkat's kdl crate

*for child slice lengths of one, as any longer currently segfaults

A good day's work

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