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Vegan kimchi jjigae based on's recipe 😋

Added bonus of remote work is having cuties like this one as office companions 🥰😻

I did it. I bought Danganronpa 3. (it's on sale for like 60% off!)

It's 2019 and I'm deeply annoyed that Windows 10 has an emoji selector pop-up but still no way besides inputting codes, picking from a clunky charmap, or switching keyboard layouts to write accented characters.

It is obnoxious that I can't type my name properly *by default*.

Does it count as Inbox Zero if I have snoozed items?

NuGet, as it happens, is a fairly large solution? And wow the process for debugging the dotnet CLI bits is... a *process* O.O

Waiting for my NuGet debug build to finish like 😴

we get A/C and the first thing does is turn down the thermostat so much I feel like I'm in a real office 🥶

The hogs meme already milkshake ducked. It's a Nazi thing :(

I'm very tired of traveling and I still have stuff booked for August and September. Send help

I have to watch literally hours of MSFT related internal training videos and the most heartbreaking thing is I can't tweet about them. They're so amazing.

Holy shit what is happening to these poor quails? (Yes, that's all °C)

Tiny late dinner bite, because while I like meal prep, it always feels like such a waste to not have a little bit while it's still fresh

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