I'm really excited to release my first crate using async-std, and also a library crate using the Parity license to help make development more sustainable! /cc @LicenseZero@twitter.com @stjepang@twitter.com @yoshuawuyts@twitter.com. (Thanks, y'all!)

I just published cacache-rs@2.0.0! It's a super-fast content-addressable, on-disk cache, and it now supports Windows *and* async APIs using async/await! Check it out! crates.io/crates/cacache/

the best part of it all, though, is that it's thanks to async-std that I was able to have a really complete and pleasant experience with async/await in Rust. It's like being in the future!

I really like async-std better than tokio because, aside from the fact that it's HELLA FAST and has async/await built-in out of the box, the fact that it mirrors the standard library makes things really easy to understand and figure out <3

I'm on vacation in Puerto Rico but tbh all I want to do today is hack on Rust stuff with async-std 😅

inspired by @torturecrush@twitter.com's hard drive finds, I remembered that I *just* grabbed some old pictures from my older laptop. Nothing as old as high school but damn I looked good in a suit?

Hello! My pre-ordering method has now changed and there's a web page for ordering!

Now taking pre-orders on my thesis "La Sangre Llama", research on Afro-Indigenous culture, subjectivity & performance via philosophy & art history, thru my site

For info on the research:

To pre-order:

Got some amazing food in guavate 😋🐖🍌

I'll spare you the food pictures because we ate it all too fast

The view from the top of the observation tower in El Yunque 😍🇵🇷💚🌄

Going to sleep with the sound of coquís. 😭💚🐸

My parents haven't seen me since I transitioned. I live a life now where I kinda take for granted that everyone sees and treats me as a woman/nb. Going back to a world where that's not what people expect of me is very very strange.

Not every coming out goes smoothly, and not every coming out that goes sideways stays that way forever. I'm scared and I'm not really sure what speaking with my parents again is going to be like after no contact for so long.

But I love the life I live now.

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