There are now 19 (!) implementations of available. OCaml just got added!

It's like it's a real, useful language or something 😅

@oluoluolu I have my twitter crossposter set up so that twitter -> mastodon only happens if I put "" in the tweet, so that's how I've worked around it.

@oluoluolu just remember that private twitter circle posts will still cross-post to public mastodon!

OK, so I just got an email saying @penpot just got $8M in series A.

Last I raised concerns about their funding (, @diacritica assured me “you won't see any VC” (

Well, this sure looks like VC to me.

Folks investing $8M are going to want a billion-dollar exit. So who’s that exit going to be to (Adobe’s already full, is Google hungry for a design tool?) Or do they plan on going public?

#vc #ventureCapital #BigTech #exits #openSource #penPot

@noracodes I have no idea what this is even supposed to do

alright that's it. I've blocked all of I've reported the spam issue to them several times and I'm still getting spam follows, and honestly I don't think anyone I actually want to talk to is on there, so no big loss. That's my first instance block!

@chartier I don't know. It seems like a pretty big instance, but I don't get this kind of "spam" from so I just assume .cloud has let their spam problem run rampant.

has anyone else seen an influx of fake accounts coming from Should I block the instance altogether?

@olamundo in the US, sick days are often tracked separately from vacation days. If I run out of sick days, I have to start using my vacation days instead. I don't get unlimited days off for being sick. Not outside of exceptional situations.

@olamundo I have two sick days left for the entire rest of the year, in these plague times

oh yep there we go here comes the post-vax brain fog ☁️🧠😩

Any call for liberation without intersectionality is a call for a new group of masters, the dream of the second and third tiers of privilege to join in the top echelons. It is always bullshit. Feminism without intersectionality gave us white supremacist, classist/corporate, and trans-exclusionary feminism. Queer liberation without intersectionality resulted in white supremacist queer spaces and movements. Anticolonialism without intersectionality became neocolonialism. Accept nothing but full solidarity. Fuck the fuck off with baby steps, patience, and trickle-down justice. If you're not for liberation for all you're only another master-in-waiting and a user, fuck you.

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Me: *sees one of our water bottles in the trash* honey? Have we given up on this water bottle?

Wife: yes, I don’t like it

Me: ok

Wife: it has bad vibes


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