Digging through my bag and found this great @TURBOCUNT@twitter.com pin

I want a new Lupin III to get made already. I might have to rewatch the recent series tho

Honestly as an ace person I'm absolutely fascinated my humanity's search for more stuff to fuck

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This is a mass effect tweet

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what's the state of the art in product development processes?

Currently reading.

I wonder how outdated this book is by now.

wow, that's a throwback. Remember when you still got games on CD? :P

post your first amazon order!

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I still have a very soft spot for this book from my teen years. twitter.com/bobby/status/13936

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This is literally how Native land was taken away. It's just that they use US bombs instead of muskets

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What is going on is colonialism, ethnic cleansing, and genocide. Period. Fuck that entire deal. Give back what belongs to 🇵🇸 the people of Palestine.

normalize turning off your camera mid-meeting because you need to change your posture to sit bisexually.

Haha wow they're so fucked

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I’m hearing through the grapevine that 43% of Basecamp employees took the severance and left the company

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cryptocurrency/blockchain bullshit is an absolute plague upon humanity and we're going to have to inoculate ourselves against it like the virus it is, before it destroys us.

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I was reading about the latest cryptocurrency bullshit— Chia, which obliterates storage instead of CPU + electricity— and thinking once again how weirdly prescient Pohl’s “The Midas Plague” was.

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I need to get back to hawking kdl.dev.

Did you know about it? It's really cool. You should consider using it. It's nicer than yaml, at least.

reminder to moots that I've got @scarydryadlady@twitter.com which is rapidly becoming a tech/business thought leadership account, while this one turns into "here, have some yuri" and miscellaneous shitposting.

"A Lake of Feathers and Moonbeams" by @DaxAeterna@twitter.com is one of my favorites:

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Love triangle that ends in a polyamorous relationship pls

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New label just dropped attn all queers

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well i've billed myself as chaotic nonbinary cunninglinguist so i'm here to ask

is pænbi an appropriate amalgamation of pan, enby, and bi

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Congratulations to the bi/pan community and how you just keep on winning

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It's very very hard to compete with free when anything special about what you do will just get cloned by an army of bored tech bros. And the cycle will continue.

Open source devs are fucking devaluing their labor and it's biting them in the ass pretty hard

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