@craigmaloney oh! I forgot to update it. I changed my @

@Gargron no that's not how that works. I refuse to be played into making a choice between two war criminal rapists who put kids in cages and have serious senility issues.


I've refused to vote for a war criminal for a while now, and I'm not going to be changing that.

One of my tweets got DMCA'd for playing a clip of FUCK THE POLICE in the background lol

Let's be clear: I fully support ass eating for anyone who wants some of that. I also support hand washing habits in this time of the roni. I'm not trying to actually shame anyone here. Have a fucking buffet in there

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gen z: "time to eat ass!"
Also gen z: "omfg must constantly wash hands and fear for my hygiene"

No but seriously it feels like I just got the energy sucked out of me and even walking around feels like a lot of effort. I'm gonna rest so fucking much

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My brain is fried and I'm taking two days off so I guess that means you end up with explicit gay shit on your timeline sorry I don't make the rules

In all seriousness I find it very hard to trust anyone who hasn't had to live in the shoes of a woman in this society in some form or another when it comes to relationships :/

I think that's the right wording for that

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I'm bi that means I'm attracted to not-cishet. I guess.

@Gargron there's a horse_js Twitter account that quoted a very old tweet of mine

I didn't know I could get horse'd over a nearly year-old tweet

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