I haven't written any in months now and omg I miss it so much.

It's so satisfying to write. But I'm so busy with other stuff that I just haven't had the time/headspace for it.

I was just reading random programming things about ownership and got hit with... nostalgia?

is there a quick-and-dirty one-stop-shop error handling/definition guide for that people can just point to when they want to learn how to stop doing .unwrap() on everything?

If not, does that mean I should write one?

Please, I'm begging you. Stop using .unwrap().

I kinda wanna try writing a client in using tauri. It's definitely a big project but I think if I take it easy and just do it for fun it might be ok. I've wanted an excuse to give Tauri a whirl for a while now...

As of nushell 0.62.0, if you get a `nu::shell` error, you'll get a link you can click (first image).

If you click on that link, it'll take you straight to the docs (in docs.rs!) for that error (second image), with a handy "Resolution" section!

Yay miette!

for those who don't already know, miette is an error/diagnostic crate for that extends `std::error::Error` with additional metadata, such as error codes, help text, documentation/reference links, and even pretty-printed diagnostics. Check it out: crates.io/crates/miette

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miette is getting more daily downloads than color-eyre now 😲

(7,038 for miette, 6,440 for color-eyre)

they're both ofc dwarfed by anyhow (118,987 on May 3rd alone)

aaaand there we go! kdl@4.1.1 has been released for your parsing and manipulation pleasure!


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wow that... was less work than I expected.

kdl-rs passes the official spec test suite now!! 😻😻😻(225/225 tests!)

release forthcoming after some cleanup/CI :D

made a bit of progress last night and over lunch in making sure my implementation is spec-compliant and phew it's found so many (great!) bugs.

I should figure out how far along I am. I haven't wanted to go down a rabbit hole of getting the test runner "just right" so it's kinda janky right now and just kinda implodes on the first error.

lol kdl-rs fails literally the first test in the KDL Spec compliance test suite 🙈🙈🙈

plz send thoughts and prers in this trying time


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night twitter:

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