someone is using to configure Angular in a really nice and extensible way! This is really cool!

I had a dream that I needed to do this so I woke up early for it

[alt: gremlin-looking kitten walking around a table looking for food and making a whiny screaming sound]

I'm definitely in hell. This is hell, isn't it? It's been weeks.

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reading about Falangism in wikipedia and ran into this snippet in there of something I wasn't aware of and oooof.

I mentally made the connection between this and white Puerto Ricans propping up the "trigueño" identity while erasing Afro-boricuas etc

/cc @CaribenxMarciaX

We got a floodlight camera for our back door and I’m happy to report it has already paid for itself. Look at this soft friend!!

ok sharing this here because I am _incredibly_ excited about having gotten multi-currency support working 👀👀👀

meaning: 135+ currencies and 83+ countries supported out of the box, right at launch

I'm short, but I already lowered my chair to the right height, and I have an adjustable desk that's in the right place, but I for the life of me have to sit like a fucking gremlin all day:

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