damnit, Dialyzer. What in the fresh hell is this and why does it only happen on CI, and why has NO ONE ELSE RUN INTO THIS

Any elixir/phoenix folks have any clue about this?

I was just talking to folks about this. "Chinese rocket debris" is yet another racist/xenophobic/anti-Chinese dogwhistle and y'all need to be more aware of that

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@nytimes@twitter.com Spot the difference

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The work stoppages are starting.

Solidarity to the workers of the Washingtonian. ✊🏻

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.@washingtonian@twitter.com editorial staff respond in unison to CEO Cathy Merrill's WaPo op-ed (via @MarisaKashino@twitter.com) washingtonpost.com/opinions/20

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I just sent this image in the middle of a very serious security meeting when I saw a little cat tail pop up on someone's camera

when ur manager says "hey, can we talk right now?" and then goes off to do something else for half an hour when you take more than 5 seconds to say "ok"

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My @AishaBlake@twitter.com stickers are here!!

Do I need 5? No. But I got them anyway. If we know each other irl lmk and I'll keep one around for you

Hey, @dhh@twitter.com

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i am becoming increasingly more unhinged

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Pretty sure I've mentioned it before, but I have two copies of MMM so I could read it faster

Thanks I hate it

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“Twitter, show me the worst thing I’ve ever seen”

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I kinda wish I'd gotten through this reading list sooner but I guess it's time to prioritize it now 😅

9/11 news cast

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your teacher just wheeled this into class 📺

what are you watching? 📼

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Me @ all these garbage tech CEOs trying to bust attempts at organizing

Gideon Nav

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ok but why is it that everytime i go on this god forsaken website i always see fanart like this. artists love lying

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