I honestly can't say enough nice things about the Steam Deck. It's an absolute dream. I've been playing games so much more, picking up games that I'd left on the sidelines, and it's so much better for pick-up-and-go-and-pause gameplay. I can stop anytime and suspend the game?


I spent a nice long while today playing Front Mission 5, which is honestly very good, because emulation is incredibly convenient on this little machine. Everything just _works_ with minimal fuss. I expected more annoying tweaking, but no? Only the occasional preference?

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mind you, I definitely used to be someone who would spend hours setting bullshit up, messing with linux, etc, and I was afraid I'd have to do some of that if I wanted to do more interesting things with it... but others have already packaged things up nicely or you???

it's just a nice experience and I hope this little experiment of theirs pays off because I think it's done a lot of good. I was a huge fan of the Steam controller and this is like... all the things I liked about it and more.

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