If a bug refuses to repro when you're actually trying to debug it, but repros regularly without it, is it fair to resolve the bug with advice to users to "just attach a debugger to it when you run it and it'll be fine"?

asking for a friend.

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I'm definitely in hell. This is hell, isn't it? It's been weeks.

@zkat Please tell me it's a syncronization or timing bug or something sensible and not like 1+1 suddenly being three 0.0
Computers are pure unadulterated black magic and stuff like that gives me the feeling that they *hate* being observed. <.<

@dequbed it's almost certainly a synchronization race between processes, unfortunately :<

I'd *loove* to help debug but … er gotta run I think I left my fridge turned on! … I just got offered an impromptu root canal! … my houseplant just died!
(In all seriousness good luck and I hope you get that bug to play nice and get back in line without too much headsmashings and facedeskings <3)

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