my strongest opinion on programming languages is that postfix .await is the single greatest innovation in the past 70+ years of programming language theory and history and you can't convince me otherwise.

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Hard agree. I wish I could get this in JavaScript with Babel somehow lol (

@zkat I want to do non-blocking event-loop kind of i/o on stdin/stdout... should I use tokio or mio or what?

@ionizedgirl I like smol followed by a sync-std followed by tokio

@zkat trying async-std since smol says "NOTE: Do not use this type with File, Stdin, Stdout, or Stderr because all of the supported operating systems have issues with them when put in non-blocking mode."

@zkat makes one question why did people need to come up with the prefix await

@zkat I want postfix macros ever since seeing them in Haxe

@zkat like when it was first decided to do it that way I was like, this is weird and strange and I fear it, but once I started using it I now have grabby hands for postfix macros and the like

@StarKat99 yes!! It was very foreign and it made me uncomfortable and then I tried it and realized it’s the best thing ever

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