You know just a thought but like… maybe building up critical system after critical system on the premise that we would have a nonstop, steady stream of supply was not the best idea in the long run? idk 🤷

I think there’s probably some nuance here, where an efficient pipeline is nice for some things but a more measured and disruption-resistant approach to other things is more warranted?

This is all re: the critical *baby formula* supply chain collapse happening right now that I just found out about???

@zkat What's the quote? "Apply chaos engineering to your infrastructure because the chaos is going to arrive whether you've prepared or not."

@zkat Iat LastJob, I used to call this tendency the “shadow side” of hiring kind people — they can’t imagine how things might fail or be abused. I think it’s also true of shitty tech bros who worship capitalism… we just end up screwed either way, whether uninformed good intentions or shitty exploitative stuff…

@zkat People are freaking out about it the same they did with "empty shelves". I put it in quotes because we get gaps here all the time. Its just a supply issue that will take max a week to fix. If your bb is over 6 months you can use cows milk for a bit actually. Also one major brand got recalled so just use a different brand. Just kind of a people want to be mad thing. Capital residents were talking pics then on the sides you see more just not the brand they want. 😅​

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