lol imagine admitting to this and not being tremendously embarrassed about what it says about you 😬

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@talenlee oh hi 👋 nice seeing you here 💚😘👀

And yeah. The part about people just bailing without their paychecks. Oof

@zkat I have absolutely had people where I had to ask 'is it worth $200 to never deal with this person again'

@zkat seems that not everyone feels obligated to feed the treadmill. I like it🚬

@zkat La Maow; holy hell the lack of self awareness on this one is... really something.

And don't think I don't see whatever trash news outlet publishing this crap about "nobody wants to work" completely uncritically. You put on the "They Live" glasses and it's just "Labor must be disciplined!" Over and over

@zkat get people to do work, then they disappear on their own without you paying them

sounds like a pretty sweet grift lol

@zkat I work food service. It isn’t nearly that bad for me.


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