I really fucking wish I could follow other instance's local timelines. I love but it's kinda quiet and not particularly about any of my interest. It just feels safe here.

But I'd like to grow my following of folks in open source and art communities and i don't think mastodon makes that very easy :(

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@zkat yeah same, I've found discoverability to be a bit of a challenge here

@zkat this is what made me keep bouncing off mastodon in the past, because .social had a useless local timeline.

Hoping I can find more artsy and oss folks this time rather than just only really knowing local hackers xD

@endocrimes I follow @Curator and that occasionally posts nice things but I think it's been more quiet lately. Discoverability is super hard. :(

@zkat ooh thanks for the recc! - And yeah it is :(

for all its flaws, twitter solved that problem ~relatively well on and off throughout the years

@endocrimes @zkat hashtags tend to actually be usable, unlike on hellsite... that's where I've found a bunch of folks!

@zkat @endocrimes @Curator more quiet? They are posting all the time and boosting a lot.
Maybe it's just not coming through for some reason?

@zkat @maloki @endocrimes Yeah, my activity has definitely ticked up as more people have been joining and posting over the past few weeks!

@zkat @endocrimes @Curator may be with looking and comparing to how the profile looks on the web. 😅

@endocrimes @zkat I’ve quite liked the local timeline of so far! 😊

@zkat Isn't that what the federated timeline is for, though? That shows toots from all instances your instance is federating with in some way, AFAIK.

@joepie91 oh yeah I usually don't even use that because it's just a firehose :( I want to find specific communities?

I think the mastodon devs are working on something for that, tho

@zkat Ah, in that sense. While it's a bit fire-hosey, it also ends up being pretty relevant to my interests in general (certainly more so than the Twitter homepage :p), I guess that might not be the case for everybody

@zkat hidden away in the app announcement blog post from last week is a mention of Groups, which will eventually (later this year?) supplant the local timeline

it remains to be seen how this will work in practice, but I'm fairly optimistic about it

@zkat @rey As a newcomer this was my big concern in picking an instance really - the niche ones are fine as long as you only ever wanna talk about one thing. 😅

@zkat I think we all need to shamelessly boost things, so we can all discover the best people to follow.

@zkat yeah I was just thinking the same. I've signed up to a couple other instances to check out their local timelines, because honestly this instances local timelines is pretty horrible.

The fosstodon one looked pretty good. But their account migration thing was broken.

I prefer the topics and the news section here though...

What your talking about would be perfect. I could browse the timelines of the instances I like, without joining them.

@zkat This isn't nearly as serendipitous as a local timeline can be, but grabbing a few hashtags and pinning them has given me visibility into other communities, which helped with making sure this app dances enough to feel interactive esp. without following many folks yet.

@zkat if you like calligraphy art, @MightyOneSam posts some lovely things! This is my main pain-point of running on smaller instances. But then when i am on a big instance, its too big and filled with so many random posts i dont care about that i never check the local feels.

Which has led me down this path of switching between a big instance, and playing with smaller instances. But never finding any happy medium of the two.

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