In light of recent news and an increased interest in alternatives, I've updated my Mastodon Quickstart Guide with the latest info on apps and such.

Mastodon isn't something you need to move wholesale to! Start migrating today!

biggest change is that Mastodon _just_ released official apps for both Android and iOS, and they're pretty snazzy tbh!

@zkat Honestly, they kinda really suck. >,,>

They apparently /removed the local timeline/ which is like. That's your community. They're trying to kill instance communities.

@IceWolf I'd rather have Groups, tbh, if they're what I think they're going to be. My local timeline's ok, but I'm more concerned about being able to interact with communities outside of my own as well.

@zkat I want both!

Like, absolutely add groups. Frankly, we /need/ groups, I need to be able to post stuff such that some friends can see it but not everyone following me can.

But don't take away the local timeline, that's our /community/.

@IceWolf yeah, fair. Maybe they'll integrate the local thing with Groups somehow? Fingers crossed.

@zkat @IceWolf it looks like it was added back into the official Android app, under search->community

@zkat looked up and installed it just now after seeing this. It's pretty nice thus far! Maybe missing some features but it feels like a really polished UX.

Wait, is a cat community? I may have to migrate.

@jrorci no it's just a chill, small community with super competent admins and reasonably up-to-date mastodon :)

but yes, us cats are here too

@zkat I think that one of the features many people will find missing from mastodon, is the recommendations. I think this is a good and a bad thing at the same time.

@nickapos the new mastodon apps actually have this! And I assume they'll be improving the feature over time.

@zkat ah I didn’t know that. I have been using Tootle on iOS for a while now.

@zkat didn't know about the "tombstone", thanks for all these details

@zkat Thanks for this. Lets say I want to find an instance about AI, and one about Canadian Politics. How would I do that?

@easywriter is your best bet right now, I think. There's an upcoming Groups feature that will hopefully make that easier. You can also search for hashtags.

@zkat Thank you. Hashtags cut across all the different instances?

@zkat @easywriter can I join that group and stay at mastodon social or does that mean I'd have to move? I'm sorry for barging in here like this but my brain seems to be malfunctioning. Twitter was so easy 😭

Does that cross-poster you link to in the article successfully construct polls in both directions? The cross-poster I've been using, Moa, does not. You don't get a functioning poll.

@paulczege no, polls don’t get cross posted and it causes some weirdness sometimes

Thanks. Yeah, that's what I figured. I wish there was a switch that told it to not even try with polls, rather than post just the prompt/question of the poll with no functional poll.

@paulczege you can always use a hashtag like to prevent cross posting

I am a veteran and have been looking for a desktop app for ages so this has been useful. Thanks!!

@zkat I joined Mastodon today, and it looks very similar to Twitter but I'm kind of lost when it comes to communities. I did a few bits on, then joined a community and feels like having a blank account disconnected from here?

@zkat thank you I'm still trying to figure out if there is a way I can actually follow topics that I find interesting because it was a bit easier when the platform recommends you stuff based on your interests and likes and stuff. I know that those Technologies can be misused but it also has some benefits.


Thank you, have shared link with my fellow Twitter refugees! This is helpful and encouraging, as I feel a bit like I'm wading through treacle at the mo 😂😂😂

@zkat May I post this URL in Twitter? Many people debating whether to leave right now. This may help them decide.

@zkat Excellent for Mastodon noobs like me. Thank you. Can I share elsewhere, like the birdy place?

@zkat I have a question: if I migrate to a new account, can I later go back to my old one or once you migrate that’s it, the old one is gone?

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