I’m begrudgingly starting to wonder if the only way past the open source exploitation issue isn’t to fall back to interesting or copyleft licensing, but to go even harder towards obsoleting proprietary software by making everything fully free.

The only way out is through?

“How will open source devs get paid, then?”

I don’t know. Sadly I think the answer is “they get hired to maintain and improve existing or new FOSS by corporations”, until we achieve enough social change to make that answer “they get UBI and form services co-ops”

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We’re not going to escape capitalism quite yet but foss has honestly done a great job of shaking things up on the software end of things? I think?

Anyway I don’t know. It’s vexing and I just wanna live in peace and have fun writing cool stuff.

I saw someone pointing out recently that foss has improved and revolutionized access to computing for so many people in under privileged places. It’s so easy to lose sight of that for me while living in the Bay Area. Every free dev tool I write might make a huge difference there.

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@zkat Goodness knows that I likely wouldn't have a tech career if not for access to open source as a kid from a financially troubled household. That and programming books at the local library. Good old Java 1.0 in a Nutshell.

@zkat I think a lot about this, how academic research in physics was for many years inexorably tied to MATLAB, shutting out anyone who didn't have a .edu affiliation or whose university couldn't afford licenses. Moving to NumPy / SciPy opened up a whole new world for those looking to learn and do research in physics.

@zkat (The bleak follow-up being that the privileged side of the world then steals said research and bends it even further towards capitalistic ends. No good deed goes unsubverted.)

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