The answer to “we live in an unjust Capitalist society where basic access to resources is gated in money” is not “build an even more money-dependent web that centers money at its core and funnels it to early adopters and the rich”

smdh y’all should know better

The answer to “corporations are exploiting workers and the product of their labor” is not to set up yet another system that buys that labor for free and resells its product for massive Capitalist gains

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It’s not that I haven’t looked into blockchain bs

I’ve been well aware of it since it was brand spanking new. I actually go and look what the big deal is every time some new grift gets announced.

But when you look beyond the veil, it’s always a grift. Always.

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The truth about blockchain is that the entire machinery isn’t being run by miners who facilitate interesting transactions and computations.

It is a global machine fueled by an increasing number of suckers, duped by “luminaries” into pouring more resources into a bottomless pit.

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The reason blockchain works the way it does isn’t because it’s a cool winning technology and strategy.

It’s because it’s been repeatedly force-memed through fake success stories and new implementations to funnel fresh suckers into the machine.

And a sucker is born every minute

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50 years of "TINA" nonsense pumped into their skull, and the previous 450 years of bullshit.

@zkat the point of cryptocurrency developed on the blockchain was never to sublate capitalism, just to provide a decentralized currency. It has of course completely failed at that and is only useful for volatile speculation that functions eerily similar to a ponzi scheme, oh and (bitcoin specifically) destroying the environment with its massive energy consumption.

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