Plenty of PR folks still want independence. Most PR folks don’t want Statehood.


Marcha No a la Estadidad, Si a la Independencia - 12 de septiembre de 2021


even among folks who want statehood... I'd put money down that most of them just see it as a compromise because the current status ACTUALLY SUCKS (most people agree), because they're literally scared of what independence might mean. Because the US *ruined* us. The Republicans ruined PR. They know that if PR becomes a state, it will be Democrat.

@blackskye It wasn't the Republicans. It was the whole shebang. All the US politicians have been in on it. Democrats suddenly wanting PR statehood as a political power move is a recent development. They didn't even consider it before. It has never been recent. It's been going on for at least two decades, since the Obama years. The Republicans were charge for years and they sabotaged the system against PR.


@blackskye The system has been sabotaged for PR much longer than that. See also: project bootstrap

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