It's here!

I'm super super happy to announce KDL 1.0.0 stable! This is the final-for-now spec!

KDL (pron. "cuddle") is a shiny new document language optimized for stuff like consideration. It's meant to replace stuff like YAML/JSON/XML.

Check it out:

Why should you be excited about and use KDL? Because I believe it addresses a lot of the pain points of existing configuration and document languages.

It lacks the verbosity of XML.
It lacks the footguns of YAML.
It lacks the extreme minimalism of JSON.

And it's simple & clean.

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If you need a configuration or document language for your app, I think KDL is the way to go! KDL was originally designed to replace package.json when I was workin on Orogene, and it grew into its own thing and I'm excited to let it loose on the world.

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Interested? KDL implementation are currently stabilizing around 1.0.0, but you can use it right now in your favorite languages:

KDL is super easy to implement and write *fast* parsers for. Interested in writing your own? Reach out on GitHub for help!

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Since 1.0.0 _just_ came out, that means it'll take a bit for all the existing implementations to update and support _all_ of KDL's features, and they could probably use some help, too! Join our little community of KDL nerds!

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KDL, btw, is not just the document specification: There's a CSS-like KDL Query Language, as well as a KDL Schema language based on JSON Schema! These could use more library support too, but they'll round out the story to provide everything you need when using KDL for your tools!

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Anyway that's all! Thanks all for bearing with my as myself and the rest of the KDL community have been iterating on this to make the best thing we could.

Special thanks to and all the other awesome KDL contributors and impl. maintainers!

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Also can we talk about how fucking ADORABLE the logo is?

Huge thanks to for designing this. It's glorious!

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Very nice! Are you aware of any C or Lua WIPs that haven't progressed enough to make the "#implementations" section?

@yaaps I have not heard of either being worked on! Feel free to make an issue on for it, and if you're interested in taking that on, we can get it assigned to you

I'm looking over the spec, and I'll let you know when this turns into a WIP. It seems to scratch an itch with me for a human readable serialization with mechanisms to describe search and semantics. Ease of implementation looks good, but I'm waiting on new psych meds to ramp up to effective doses before making any commitments

@zkat Oooooh this looks great! I might try it out next time I need a config file

@zkat Ooh, I like it. Congrats on the 1.0!

> Have you seen that one XKCD comic about standards?
> Yes. I have. Please stop linking me to it.

@zkat I didn't expect to like this but I did, haha. Every choice seems well motivated and I like that there are canonical serializations of JSON and XML data.
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