Follow so like...I have no idea how accessibility for *terminal* applications works. Does anyone have any advice? What kind of thing is maximally useful when, say, you have a screen reader, or you're using a very large font size? (feel free too comment on GH too)

a friend recently lamented about how they haven't really been able to engage with all the miette stuff I'm putting out on here because I've been very bad about adding alt text, but also I want to make sure that miette has a good story here how does rustc handle it?

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anyway I decided I'm not going to put out a 1.0 (or even beta) until I have something decent for visually impaired folks. It's inappropriate to do otherwise.

And I bet it's gonna be neat to have really accessible _fancy_ error reports!

Show thread I can't even figure out how to get Windows Narrator to read actual text on the terminal, except it randomly read a URL and I don't know how. Time to read the guide ig

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@zkat on windows terminal accessibility can be poor unless you use the new terminal

in general terminal accessibility is poor unless you're using something like speakup on linux

just keep the output textual and don't use any interactive stuff

@zkat I tried espeak some time ago, it basically reads all the information in the terminal word by word. So anything that cannot be read is just annoying (like stuff drawn with characters).

@devinprater started a repository for information on accessibility:
There is a link with further information in there :)
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