The simple economics of labor not being worth less just because a remote worker is living in semi rural Georgia

That's it that's my subtweet

What I'm trying to say is that tech cos can definitely afford to pay everyone an SF salary if they're selling at SF rates and anything else is basic exploitation and defending that is an exercise in apologetics

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With like, all due respect to those who disagree with me but I think you're in the wrong

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As it turns out, a lot of us actually very much understand the "explanation" for how "economics" works. But that's not a law of nature. It's a manufactured, designed system just like any other human system.

We can very much change it for the better, as we should

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Treating these things as fundamental, immutable truths is myopic and frankly a bit bootlicky

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Eyes on the prize, folks. A better world is possible.

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@zkat not to mention the racism component: companies always claim they're not paying black people less than their white colleagues, but then openly show on their hiring page that they pay everyone in majority-black areas less, perpetuating why these areas often have worse economies in the first place. "It's not our fault the cost of labor is low in Tulsa, we're just obeying market forces! Ignore the Tulsa massacre behind the curtain."

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