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@sstephenson@twitter.com I understand how you must feel.

What if some really cool, legit "making the world a better place" org(s) are also using the aforementioned open-source software?

Seems kind of a poisonous mentality.

Even if "bad" people use OS, dropping it hurts the world more than your enemy…

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imagine a world where everyone expects you to keep doing work for a former employer that fucked you over. FOR FREE.

The sheer entitlement of "open source" users is so incredibly toxic sometimes, and this is a prime example of that disgusting attitude that ends up burning us out.

open source users don't think of maintainers as people with our own feelings, interests, priorities, or even fucking mental and physical health needs.

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@zkat As someone shutting down a service today because I deprecated it months ago (and pointed to the repo for people to run it themselves!) but people continue to ask for support, I am feeling this SO hard right now.

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