I'm really curious about the cross section of this with non-men in tech. (I guess I'll make a poll for it next tweet)

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People who work in tech:

If not for the money, would you rather be working in a different field?

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Folks who are not cis && white && dudes. Would you still work in tech if it weren't for the money?

@zkat hard to answer question... probably not

@zkat Lol no. I'd be out like a shot of any of my other skills were marketable. XD

@zkat it'd be nice to do things that aren't computers, yeah

@zkat I think so, at least for a while longer. my strongest skills align very nicely and there’s nothing else I think I’d prefer to do for work.

i’ve been able to maintain strong compartmentalization between work programming and hobby programming, which has been working out for me so far, even under pandemic conditions.

@zkat it’s hard to decouple from the money aspect, though, because that stability helps me spend my time outside of work learning and doing other things

@zkat Sounds like "tech" is a loaded term in your post. Do you mean the corporation/vc-funded-startup see-saw? Likely not.

But would I program, like, software for boring municipal services like wastewater treatment or sanitation routes? Sounds rad, let's do it.

@zkat Hard to say. I’d definitely be even more picky in who I’d work for.

@zkat yes, but not on commercial products. Current goal is to save enough to be financially independent enough to work on whatever I want.

The side benefit of working in tech right now is that I am getting paid generously to learn how to lead teams and organizations at a scale I could not do by myself. I hope that I'll be able to use these skills for more good in the future :)

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