detransition, transphobia 

I'll say this much: The transphobia fundamentally involved in "detransition discourse" (which is about transphobia, not about the very real people with very real stories who detransition), has been a huge blocker for me at times in exploring the actual depth of my own gender expression and perception.

Detransition, transition-to-one-end-then-bounce-back-to-the-middle, and all sorts of other stories need to be **normalized** as the very natural part of the overall story of transition. Making these moves is not difficult because it's fundamentally difficult to "go back" or "undo" things. It's fundamentally difficult because we have made it a taboo. And that's on the trans community itself, too, which has until somewhat recently focused SO HARD on hard binary transitions, leaving those of us with more complex stories with a very limited (binary) selection of paths to take for ourselves.

Just a thought, as I think about and get more comfortable examining my own relationship to womanhood (and manhood, for that matter), and what real changes that might entail for me going forward.

(p.s. if you're on Twitter, feel free to respond to this in the thread over there. I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this)

detransition, transphobia 

tl;dr: transphobia is literally the reason why a lot of nb folks put themselves through full binary transition

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detransition, transphobia 

@zkat as someone exploring their gender I feel this weird weight and fear to "never move back" like it's not a spectrum and you can't move within it. Some sort of weird gravity to move to the polar binary opposite and never look back.
Like you say it's such transphobic feqr inducement and I feel it internalised too.

detransition, transphobia 

@1stvamp yeah that's totally the feeling I'm talking about. It's just unfair.

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