@zkat green backlit mechanical keyboard and shinyt trackball? Nice.

@PCOWandre Ducky mini and HUGE Trackball. The trackball is AMAZING and it's the best one I've ever used. I love it so much. It's so comfy.

@zkat Which one? I've got Logitech trackballs on everything but I'm due for more and the Logitechs aren't so cheap any more.

@zkat Looks like a nice option, but I'm not sure about retraining from thumb-ball to finger-ball.

@PCOWandre I hate finger-ball so much, tbh. Much less accurate and actually kinda painful on my thumb. I have a logitech thumb one and I just couldn't stand it.


@zkat aqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaqaq


It's the baleful eye position that really sells it. 🐾

@zkat 😌 your cat is obviously writing her first blog entry

@zkat wow this is my first time seeing someone on the internet using an elecom huge

@zkat why you have 3 different machines up and running at the same time then?

@zkat Yes screenlocking is good practice. Had a cat remove all mail from my inbox once (yes really!) so I'm more careful with the nice furry companions

@zkat What is it about #cats and #computers? When I did tech support for a friend her cats always wanted to investigate what I was doing. One in particular liked to walk on the keyboard or sit on the (old style) monitor and swish his tail across the screen like a windshield wiper.

Eventually I let him sit in my lap just to get him off the computer.

@zkat this is why I never let active root shells unattended at home, you just *never* know

@zkat everyone who keysmashes in a chat room is actually a cat

got it

Ha ha, I came in to my workstation after a nights sleep to find 100 xterms opened up on my desktop with my cat sleeping on my keyboard.


Note to self: Best to keep laptop running. Less likely to be used as a litter-box when warm 🤔

@zkat Cat helping with your work - and relaxing at the same time...
Only cats are this efficient!

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