The real fault for NFTs lies with GPG itself. If they had actually made public key cryptography accessible, you could just sell a fucking private key and be done with it.

But no, we need to burn the whole world down so rich people can launder money

Seriously someone explain to me how this scam is any different from that, besides the incentive that ETH owners have in blowing up their coin value.

Hint: they're not any different

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@zkat I mean, I guess if you sold a private key, the other party can't be sure that you didn't keep a copy?

NFTs are still stupid, and I believe they only have value for art investors (If you're not planning to sell your art for a profit in the future, just give the artist money, and get a piece of art, done).

@zkat I wonder if the venn diagram between "Don't put your keys in the cloud" and the "Most of my assets are in a cryptocurrency exchange" is a circle...

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