Dear lazyweb: what service OTHER THAN GSUITE do you use for custom email domain (with catch-all support + multi domains), and calendaring (with DAV support)? I need to jump ship from this GSuite garbage

@zkat I use Protonmail for my custom domain email, but the calendar is still in beta and pretty basic, I doubt it has DAV support yet...

@zkat Do you need both email hosting and calendaring from the same provider? I like migadu for email but I don't think they do calendars. The regex catchall is pretty cool, I use it a lot

@zkat OK well migadu is great if you can find another service that does calendaring. I am interested to hear what people come up with though

@pagrus I've been flooded with people saying fastmail is the way to go

@zkat I thought Fastmail charged per domain? It's been a while since I looked.

@pagrus @zkat I'm not aware of being charged for having two domains on my account, though I'm on an older plan.

It's worth noting that Fastmail does referral codes that give the new account 10% off for one year, and a small credit for the current account, so choose a friend and get them to refer you if you go that way.

@zkat I use ZOHO and Gsuite, but may spend the #indoorspringbreak standing up a Docker-esque instance and see how mailhosting is these days.

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