Dear FOSS maintainers who have experienced issues with sustainability for your projects: What would help you more when it comes to successfully executing your projects?

@zkat enthusiastic employer support would be the most helpful.

Frequently... Somebody who can tell me when I'm on a wildly useless path. Whether from the standpoint of a particular technology I'm using or from the standpoint of usefulness of the project as a whole.

@zkat Dual-licensing works for me financially, but it requires dealing with Corporate Procurement Procedures. Legalese, accounting and all the paperwork is very emotionally draining for me.

So I should probably hire a personal assistant to handle enquiries, contract negotiation and invoicing… but that puts more pressure on keeping it a profitable business, so then I'll probably have to hire marketing to increase sales, and ugh...

@zkat I am developing a couple of web browsers I feel a bit overwhelmed by, but I don't know how differently I'll feel once I've finally managed to implement all the basic features I want.

I don't want to be the only one working on these as I can't address all the feature-requests alone, so that's one thing: code contributions.

And I would appreciate receiving more money in donations so I can justify putting more time to it.


1. Funding
2. A development environment that is friendly to new devs.

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