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Find a new home for humanity in Seedship, a Twine game based on random events and procedurally generated text.


Patreon: patreon.com/johnayliff


ehem... it seems to me that someone made a little bit of a final push here... toot.cat/media/ewPUekUHD6OOUJg

Wow this is amazing! 1h 30m now running my watcher. The Mastodon community got 5 new instances and more than 1000 new users.

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Hey Mastodon devs, you gotta let me make these columns wider.

OK now I'm getting the data directly from instances.mastodon.xyz/instanc This simplified my code a lot. Thanks to @schlink for sharing its code.

@_knives_out_ seems that today is the Mastodon day since it got the attention of the media.

A few hours ago I didn't know what Mastodon was... Now I have coded a watcher to get track of the growth of the Mastodon comunity and I'm looking forward to make some data visualization interface.

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