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If I solo a track and then unsolo it, unmutes all my muted tracks. 😡 🙀 WHY.

I hope this is fixed in the latest Tantacrul-helmed version, but as usual with software I'm not holding my breath.

New York Times / TimesMachine help request

I'm trying to sort out what this paragraph should read, specifically the garbled bit at the end:

Mr. Porter, who served as Ambassador to South Vietnam, Korea and Canada, added that he had never been certain that such bogus propaganda had been very effective “1y‐cause it's too easily detected.” “1 think Chairman Mao died aliout sl:: time.; helm,: he finally made it,” hr said.

It's from this 1977 NYT article.

It should be available on TimesMachine here:

A transcription or screenshot of the original would be appreciated. I lack access.

Boosts appreciated.

folks hello i am still trying to get my video captioning gig off the ground

if you make videos, would like them to be accurately captioned, and would prefer to pay some captions-enthusiast weirdo off the fediverse to make em, rather than one of those weird captioning sweatshops: txt me 💋

So very much this thread.

Some people have accepting families, and that's great -- but some people don't.

I've been told that ultimately (bio)family are the people you can always depend on when you need help -- and I'm sure that's true for the person who said it and for many other people, but I haven't found it to be true in the 3+ decades of my independent adult existence.

...and this is even with biofamilies being overwhelmingly privileged by law and custom the world over, while found-family has to go out of its way to obtain those same privileges, where they can be obtained at all.

cc: @ghost_bird @Harena @eryn

I just randomly remembered that time when one of my client companies opened their new corporate headquarters, except that they called it the "Innovation Center of Excellence" or some such. The people who worked on the floor I visited thought that was hilarious, and had gone around labeling things like the "Exit Door of Excellence" and the "Water Cooler of Excellence" and so on.

money (-), abuse, help needed 

Hey, my mh has been really bad lately and I haven't been able to take on any more commissions, my partner and I only have a small amount of income. I haven't been able to afford to pay bills all month and my abusive parent is starting to make threats x.x


The launch, endlessly flowing from the pad all the way to orbit.

Composite of multiple tracking telescopes using new techniques to bring out the faintest colors and finest details--in 10K resolution.


Americans worried about #RoeVWade getting overturned - there is another front to fight on: Legislation.

Congress needs to pass the Women's Health Protection Act.

Please boost:

Is there anyone out there experienced in data forensics, who can work on #us #federal cases, who would be interested in working on the #legal #defense team? Please contact me privately.

#forensics #infosec


Heroic defence of the Stalingrad's tractor plant, 14 October–18 November 1942, colorized.


Given the Gates Foundation role in limiting vaccine access and promoting the mutation of new variants, once we run out of Greek letters, I propose new covid variants be named after Windows versions.

Covid XP, Covid Vista, Covid 11, Covid for Workgroups.

This Cyber Monday, why not get into the spirit of the season by reading critically acclaimed webcomic CROSSED WIRES? A ragtag gang of queer hackers fight to uncover a corporate conspiracy in the chaotic cyberpunk present!


#cybermonday #cyberpunk #webcomics

Has anyone out there ever successfully set up step-through debugging in ? Needing it more and more...

Would prefer if it could be used with Kate, but I'll accept KDevelop or any other FOSS editor...

TFW you realize that the only job-hunting advice you ever got from your parents was basically "first, you get a Ph.D..."

I just spent, uh, at least 20-30 minutes reporting spam accounts here on ; I kind of got behind when Firefox kept losing my tab setup. I'm on my laptop now, where the tabs are somehow still set up properly and thought I should check up on that...

Aiee. So many spam accounts.

Masto/Glitch really needs a better account review UI. The way I'm doing it is entirely a kluge made possible by the auto-follow feature.

hey, my tshirt designs are on sale for the holidays! get really cool hacking shirts or apparel and support me a tiny bit in the process

(more designs in the store)

#129: Tortoise
acrylic pouring on a small 24x30cm canvas

for an even bigger picture, go to the gallery site and click on the picture:

Want to get the original art? I offer this on etsy:

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