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Alright, so while I am waiting for some finish to dry on my drip box - this is my next art:

#126: "Rift", acrylic pour on 40x30cm canvas

You can acquire the original canvas on etsy:

my gallery:

#art #kittenmews

A general PSA: if you keep wanting to cut off your toxic family, and you're in a position where you're able to: you can, and you should. You are NOT a bad person for doing it, you deserve love and safety.

White Anti-Racism Must Be Based in Solidarity, Not Altruism [article link and long excerpt]

"The dominant liberal conception of white anti-racism emphasizes altruism. In this mode, white people must set aside our own self-interest in order to extend kindness to those less fortunate. Humanitarian assistance is rewarded, and those who practice it are hailed for their self-sacrifice and generosity.

"White people are encouraged to defer, shrink, and assist. It is not our fight, the white-altruism mode says, so we must strive to decenter ourselves and support black people’s “advancement” as peripheral allies, doing what kindnesses we can to compensate them for the privileges we enjoy....

"Time and again, white people acting as allies in other people’s “progress” have not just failed to address racist power relations; they have entrenched white dominance. Altruism cannot be the basis for white anti-racist action. There’s only one thing that can: solidarity.

"Solidarity is about unity, not around like-mindedness or affinity but around common interests. Neither having the same opinions nor even mutual fondness is required for one to enter into a solidarity relationship with another. All they need is the acknowledgement that, to achieve liberation, “I need you and you need me.”...

"Only when white people come to see that our own liberation is bound up in the liberation of others can we achieve solidarity and have a basis for white anti-racism that does not produce the colonial outcomes generated by altruism.

"White people in and adjacent to poverty have solid grounds for this type of solidarity; they are directly victimized by a politics that relies on racist rhetorical appeals.

"In the “privilege” framework, racist inequality induces white people to feel guilty, which produces inaction. In the “universal-rights” framework, it induces us to feel fury, which inspires action. No longer is it, “I feel bad for even thinking it, but thank goodness I don’t have it as bad as those who are worse off.” Instead, it becomes, “let’s get together and collect our due.” "

uwu what if we constructed a postcolonial society of compassion and plenty and we were both cute and gay 🥺👉👈

I'll code up a GUI tool with Google Sites, see if I can track the central wi-fi hub...

so everyone knows that sci-hub is being sued in India such that if they win they might be able to operate legally, but if they lose a huge number of scientists and academics in India wouldn't be able to access papers? Any senior ppl planning to write amicus briefs by the 16th?

The womanly urge to overthrow patriarchy.

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 

hello, and happy birthday to me!!! 🎉 😁

i need $35 for my phone bill, $60 for groceries, and $80 for medical weed ($175 total)

i've been trying to do freelance video editing and/or find a job as a video editor, i can't work anywhere facing the public because i have asthma and catching covid is a major health risk for me




thank you so much for saving my life multiple times and continuing to keep me alive, fediverse!!! :black_sparkles_outline: :blacker_heart_outline:

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

soliciting funds 

I officially now have a GitHub Sponsors page for folks who wanna help offer support in the form of cold, hard cash. There aren't any perks at the moment because I honestly am not expecting much, but it's there so I can have one and potentially start doing something with it.

For the moment, I'm employed full-time and all of the money I get will be forwarded to my partner @LottieVixen, who is currently unemployed in the UK.

Since we're currently doing financially okay at the moment, if you have literally anything better to do with your money, you should do that instead.

  • Ordered tires from Costco on Nov. 8.
  • Got email today saying they're here, and I can make an appointment at [URL].
  • I make an appointment, but when I press the final button it takes me back to the login screen.
  • When I log in, it asks me the same questions all over again, like I hadn't made the appointment.

Went through that twice. Not sure what to do now.

Serious question:

If lead-acid batteries aren't good for deep-cycle use, then why do most UPSes use them? Do they use a special lead-acid design that's actually ok with deep discharges?

(I'm trying to figure out how to put together a battery-driven portable power-system, at least in theory.)

cats (+) 

There is no greater mood booster than having a cat that's been AWOL for a week suddenly show up her old grumpy self. Sugarfoot finally revealed herself to Peg this morning after a long walkabout.

Peg tried to give her a scritch and welcome her home. She hissed and air-swatted at her. That's our girl. *sigh* <3

(She did mewl at me and deign to accept a scritch when I left for the cafe.)

This is fascinating[1].

Anyone who knows anything about copyright law laughs their arses off, of course (and here's a primer for anyone who needs it[2]).

But this *is* dangerous. A lot of people have no clue, copyright is byzantine in its complexity, and it just takes a few ill-informed judges to make this into a thing. And coinbros will push their bullshit, whether they know they're wrong or not.

[1] source:
[2] NFTs and copyright:


You know, if that law forbidding gatherings with the goals like “propagating homosexuality” actually passes in Poland, there’s only one good option: BE GAY, DO CRIME

past sui 🕯️ 

If we hadn't been so busy, I'd have remembered these at the time:

My latest crosspost from Nextdoor, about homelessness:

cc: @Harena @eryn @LottieVixen ...I feel like I'm leaving some folks out; it's been a long day. 🌃

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