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Ok, so, be straight (or gay, or pan, or whatever wiggles your guinea-pig) with me:

Why do people like Ruby on Rails?

Cynical answers are also okay, but I'm hoping to steelman my understanding of the mindset.

This is the 8th grade "Capstone Project" from my sister's younger kid:
Restaurant workers are often paid below a living wage, here's what you can do to help.

It's not exactly "burn down capitalism", but... baby steps. ^.^

@SetecAstronomy [hums "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" and/or "Particle Man" (user's choice)]

I had no idea it was so easy to crack a Win7 system -- without even using a LiveCD or anything.


I know I opened up this tab for a reason...

(Should I have that printed on a t-shirt?)

instance block: 

This twerp @louis made a veiled death-threat towards one of my users.

We don't tolerate that kind of nonsense around here.

This post will stand as a record of the incident, and will be blocking louis's instance,

cc: @news @dthompson

affection at reader 

you reading this you're cuties in question' :blobcatpeekknife:

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sorry i have to ask but with the lockdown and continual snow my new job STILL isn't open yet so i have literally no income,,,, I need help to pay my rent and get food, pls help me if you can this shit sucks so much, anything helps :/

If I had three raccoons in a trenchcoat, I'd name them Rocket, Rocky, and Ranger Rick.

This actually seems kind of obvious, but I thought I'd mention it. (You can blame @Harena >.>)

Fig. 1: an iris getting high tall on in a pot on 4/20

You can make throw an error if a function is called without expected arguments, but not if a function is called with more arguments than expected.

I think maybe fixes this by allowing "void" as an argument type? I don't yet have a system with PHP8 on it, though, so I don't actually know.

If it doesn't, then this is a .

A bit weird couple of questions for non-cis people. Boost if you like, please :boost_requested:

1. Do you have some sort of internal voice or monologue?

2. If you do, has this voice changed during your gender transition, gender-wise?

UBI petition (DKos) 

I don't know (a) how much influence this petition would have towards making this legislation happen or (b) whether the dems are actually likely to seriously consider it in the first place, but it seems like a thing worth pushing for.

The studies are out and it’s clear that Guaranteed Basic Income works! The city of Stockton, CA piloted its own Guaranteed Income project, giving 125 residents $500 a month for 2 years. The results showed that people used the extra income for basic necessities such as food, paying off debt, and utilities. Participants also were more likely to have full time jobs and showed significant improvements in mental health wellness.

These findings are not surprising. The premise of Guaranteed Income is that all folks have the fundamental right to have their basic needs met. In our current economy, this is not the case for many who work full time jobs and more. Guaranteed Income means those who fall below a certain income threshold would receive additional income, every month. No strings attached.

We know that a disproportionate number of people experiencing significant income precarity in the U.S. are people of color, especially women of color. Our current economy is designed for a large portion of the population to live in this precarity. Guaranteed Income is one piece of redesigning the system so that it works for the people. It is an important tool for addressing racial and gender equity.

Mayors for Guaranteed Income founded by former Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs has called upon the Biden Administration and Congress to pass monthly stimulus checks until the economy recovers from the pandemic and is dedicated to achieving a permanent Guaranteed Income nation-wide. Join them in their call to our Leadership.

Anyone from North or South America? Please give a quick ping in your terminal or GUI tool. We're interested in latency, your very rough location, and optionally ISP. Thanks :)
(boosts for sample size very welcome!)

@kestra is 19 this month (approximately) 🎂 🎈

She now frequently wants company when going up the stairs.

CW: direct cat eye contact

I think I need to set up an online tech thrift/share store or something.

I just snagged all this stuff from a place I do some work for -- they're downsizing and moving, and had no interest in keeping this stuff. A lot of it is probably obsolete or not fully functional, but I suspect much of it is quite usable...

It would also be nice to acquire some local apprentices so it's not always me doing this stuff. I wonder if that's possible.

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