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The Future Liberals Want


(ethical dilemmas for the modern world: "do I CW this and make it non-previewable on Discord, or *not* CW it and risk triggering someone?" Let me know if the latter happened...)

photo taken at August 28

autism, femininity, and abuse 

autistic femmes often have baby faces and act naive, making us targets for abusers and creeps of many kinds. our lack of social understanding and desire to please / fit in makes it easy to hurt us repeatedly, easy to gaslight. like ADHD folks we are susceptible to getting into these exploitative relationships repeatedly without seeing the warning signs because we get so excited about a new Special Person and don't notice the bad stuff before it's too late. we're so used to being uncomfortable and awkward that we often let partners lead. it's really fucking hard to be disabled and femme in this world

What do you recommend to listen? Send me some obscure music!

Boost this please.

On :antifa: 161 patrol :anarchy: today in Downtown Portland in the afternoon

I could really use the money for food/drink today. Food stamps do not refresh until the 1st of September. Help me stay effective in running Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys Fashies out of town.:black_bloc_blob: :socialiststar:

I haven't eaten since Friday.

Cash app: $AntifaPrimeMinOffice
Venmo: @ AntifaPrimeMinOfficePDX

the fact that it’s basically impossible to opt out of society and do your own thing is a good sign that something is wrong with it

So, @ConnyDuck -- there's a subtle problem, let's call it a conceptual design issue, with the filter options on .

I kinda agree with @eryn* that:

1. just being able to see one iteration of replies isn't enough to enable keeping track of conversations
2. social media as a *communication* tool is why we're here on Mastodon
3. ...instead of Twitspace or Fazebook, where social media is viewed more as an attention-absorbing, click-aggregating tool
4. ...which is the kind of thing that only being able to track one iteration of replies *does* tend to support.

TLDR: "new mentions only" kinda supports corporate thinking, where "all mentions" is more user-empowering.

* thread begins at

I fairly fell over laughing at today's fortune cookie fortune...

... @kestra "helped" with the photography because apparently she knows all about such things ;D

Discover This One Weird Trick To Increase Your Fission Yield In Two Steps Discovered By A Mom
Nuclear Reactor Control Technicians Hate Her!!

Not everyone needs FFS, but Nataly's face-dysphoria is pretty intense; we've talked it through, and... yeah. 😟

Please do boost if so inclined.

Fedichive has been blocked.

(on my wish-list for a long time: automatic blocklist-sharing among friends, be they instances or users)

cc: @kity @dredmorbius @eryn @alexis @zoe

If "It's not getting what you want, it's wanting what you've got", then it should be okay to never throw stuff away, right?

hi all!

once again it's domain renewal time for

if you have gotten use out of the site or the bots i've created, a dollar or two of support would be most helpful and greatly appreciated.

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