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Oh Emm Eff Gee, how do I stop this thing from printing its entire backlog of faxes... :kestraglow:

What do you do when your phone insists on repeatedly alerting you to the fact that there's no network signal inside the house? How do I tell it to STOP TELLING ME?


It is entirely messed-up that `array_key_exists() expects the index first and then the array to search, rather than the other way around. I've lost track of how many times this has messed me up.

That is all.

to win a chess game against your friend from prague:

checkmate a czech mate

mh + 

Bipolar hypomania is common in the summer, and I’ve been rocking it lately. :D

It’s *very energizing* but I’ve had to do my utmost to keep myself level-headed: taking my meds on time, keeping to a decent sleep schedule, and placing a mindfulness buffer between thought and action.

Here’s a nice little article on strategies for coping with hypomania, which also has general background that may be interesting to those merely curious about the bipolar experience :D

I'll compose a progressive web app with PhotoShop, see if I can compile the primary wi-fi server...

Fly Math

Q: You have seven flies, and you swat five of them dead. How many live flies do you have left?
A: Eight.

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🚫 locking the barn door after the horse has escaped
✅ emptying the kitchen trash after the flies have hatched

This isn't surprising but it is awful.

Here's 2 organizations you can help with to get out the vote in Georgia. It's important to keep Raphael Warnock's seat in the Democrats' column and get as much of Georgia into the blue column as possible.

A new Georgia voting law reduced ballot drop box access in places that used them most-
Georgia lawmakers changed voting laws after 2020, including eliminating drop boxes in certain counties, making it harder for many voters in cities and suburbs, often people of color, to access them.

uspol, tech 

Senate committee meeting next week to mark up an anti-privacy, anti-LGBT, pro-empowering-pro-forced-birth-state-attorneys-general bill

for the sake of The Children

You can't protect privacy and simultaneously mandate Internet-wide age verification.

You can't have a "duty to care" for the next generation and simultaneously empower states to label information about reproductive health or about being trans as Unsafe For The Children.

As written, this bill would force any Masto instance that is "commercial" to have an annual third-party audit. It's yet another "we think the Internet is three companies" law that, if enacted, would become self-fulfilling.

EMERGENCY: I’m overdrawn by $65, rent is due in four days, my landlord is getting on my case to pay off my back rent of $2384.10 (being underemployed in the off season put me in a hole, and not having a second job this summer has made escaping that hole impossible). I’m also on my last pair of contacts and cannot find my glasses, so I need to get new contacts ASAP before it becomes an issue. I'd appreciate any help
Venmo: @steviemcfly
Cash App: $steviexmcfly

immediate finance / money need, offer of stake in recycling venture 

These are Nestucca lands.

We lack $2.5k in the next two weeks,
and $1k is immediate need.

If you have an extra grand or few set aside for mutual aid, Zelle is best (my username at gmail) but will set up whatever works for you.

If you are holding on to your last few $$$, please just boost this.

I am looking for people who want a part in financing as a long term plan. That means willingness to consider generational timeframes in terms of wealth and payback.

The land we are paying the former occupiers on has been designated for living and shop, the former to be a place of safety for my kid, the latter to prototype open source recyclery and supporting bits, like regenerative manufacturing.

My job prospects are good, if you'd rather I pay you back instead of consider you a stakeholder, so be it, I will do so when I have paying work again.

Boosting appreciated, as are your clarifying questions.

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Back in 2019 when the thing du jour to do to fascists (in the UK anyway) was to throw a milkshake on them, I made some fun emoji to capture the activity (in 3 flavours!).

I was reminiscing on this design just now, I still really like it - it's simple, the milkshake flowing out the cup as it's flying looks very good and I feel removes the need for action lines, and the smiley face on the cup is a nice 'fuck you'.

(you can still download these for free from my site -

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