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How do you access Youtube?

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So, there are now two Pink Floyd songs I need to record in the style of Tim Curry as Frank-n-Furter.

Hey everyone, someone really close to me needs help in covering a bill that was charged to them unjustly. If anyone could help by sharing or chipping in, it would be really appreciated. Thank you so much. Description and link to the Go Fund Me are below (boosts highly encouraged):
“My phone company (I am keeping it anonymous to protect myself from further corporate action) charged me over 16.5k Euro for half an hour of roaming data that were spent without my knowledge on May 6th 2022.
That's more money than I can make in a year, more than my family can afford to help me with.
I have lost all my savings paying for the bill, and my checking account is also empty. I can't afford a lawyer that will represent me in a lawsuit against the phone company for these charges, and I don't have enough money for basic necessities due to the bill having been charged already.
The amount I have set covers the fees for a lawyer (3500€ for the amount that's being disputed) and enough money for a few months' worth of food (500€)”

ukpol, petition, transmisia 

"Presently the Public Order Act 1986 makes it a criminal offence to stir up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation. There is no such offence on grounds of Gender Identity, to cover transgender, non-binary and non-gender-conforming people. The Act should be amended to include this."

Actually, it doesn't look like there's any way to communicate back with them via the admin UI, though I could DM (which is okay but also loses the context).

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So, this account signed up today. I suspended it as a commercial account, but now they're appealing the suspension (apparently there's an interface for this now, which is good):

I am not an advertising spam account, I just moved from please don't banned my account

GTranslate says the line with the note-emoji in it means "Open "🎵Eighth Note Bakery" in the fantasy world, selling a variety of desserts with wonderful textures and edible effects."

So there's that word, "selling".

Their first toot translates as

I just found out that the beep I sent before can't be imported (gas!

(presumably meant as "(gasp!)")

...and the second one translates as

Hello everyone, the bread has been reincarnated, I hope everyone can request Wuwu through my attention

It seems harmless enough, even if they do mention "selling"... some kind of game?

I'm unblocking it for now, but am prepared to re-block based on additional input.

I'll also ask them to try to explain what it's about.

I'm finally attempting to run the automated update process created by our faithful ghost-admin ash. Any downtime should be minimal, but I thought I should mention just in case.

(Might not be right away; I think there's a building process which has to happen, then uploading, and then restarting processes.)

asking for help 

Hey lovelies,

So i'm tapped out on cash, thanks to the rent goblins.

If you could throw a couple bucks in the bucket hat to help make this hot-ass month a bit more bearable, it'd be biblically appreciated$somarasu

As always, thanks for keeping me alive. Physically and mentally 💖

Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

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Your FORTE is your strong point, something you excel at. In American English, the word FORTE is properly pronounced ___________. (For this poll, dismiss the word’s pronunciation when used as a form of musical direction, which is idiomatic.)

If you don’t know take your best guess.

Please boost to get more responses.

@SuperTaliaDX @devurandom Building on this, and on what @woozle mentions, I wonder if the reason we *think* there exists an age at which a person's character becomes "fixed" is because, until recently, a person's social *environment* would have already been "fixed" before that. No new exposure to new personalities or opinions or ways of thinking. Nothing new to learn. Nothing to grow from. Except all these "weird kids" running around "trying to turn the world upside-down," who you just ignore because you assume they "just don't get" "how the world works", so you think you don't need to learn from them.

But now, with how much easier it is to interact with people outside of work, or church, or the house you literally live in, you *can* find people--from all over the world, even!--to learn new things from, to continue to become a *better* person, rather than a more stagnant one.

When is going to fix its broken handling of custom protocols?

Waitin' for the internet
to do the net thing
Internet, internet, ping.

I *technically* drove all night yesterday.

Departed at 23:20, got back at 03:15. Sunset was 23:40, sunrise 03:14.

Luckily, @karafuto joined for the ride. So we get nice photos!


I feel that Asian authors from and in Asia should not feel ashamed. Whose standards are we comparing ourselves to? And why should we feel ashamed?

(This is a PSA to keep writing, eff others)

@gannet reminded me of the item which makes this a trifecta: web sites that hinder password managers from working properly (or at all).

I have to ask those sites: Why are you waging war on your users? If you prevent people from using password managers, then people are going to choose passwords that are easier to remember and type -- which will make your site less secure.

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Bill-paying bifecta:

1. Confirmation numbers that cannot be copied. even is that?? ...and the credit card which does this (US Bank) is also the one that doesn't send an email confirmation.

2. Why is there never an option to receive statements via email? That would make it so much easier to keep up with them -- but nobody does this. The most they'll ever do is email you a notification. It would help if the link would take you directly to the statement download once you log in, but as far as I can tell they don't even do that.

I suspect , in both cases.

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