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I've taken care of a side-issue that was holding back distro-upgrades on the server. 🎉

Now I just need to do a bit of scripting to make sure I can easily/quickly do a database backup right before I start each possibly-destructive step of the upgrade process.

Q: What is Jean-Luc Picard's favorite type of model railroad? 

A. N-gauge

Apparently the error message is 100% misleading, and what they're actually saying is that the address got redlisted on Spamhaus.

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GMail has suddenly started bouncing our emails, with a reference to this page.

What fresh hell is this?

The determination of whether or not an IP address is authorized to send mail is made by the ISP that provides you with the IP address.

The IP address from which the message was sent is a server, not our ISP.

Refusing to accept email from anywhere but greenlisted addresses kind of breaks the whole email paradigm -- especially when they explicitly say there's no way to get your address greenlisted.

Microsoft (, HotMail) has been doing this too, for years, and it SUCKS -- but up to now, GMail had only had something of a tendency to put our emails in the spam folder (so the recipient could still receive it).

If anyone has any more information about this, please do share. I'm reading the instructions, and... I can't see how to fix it. What they're describing doesn't even match the situation.

The original error message:

Diagnostic-Code: smtp;
550-5.7.1 [] The IP you're using to send mail is not authorized to
550-5.7.1 send email directly to our servers. Please use the SMTP relay at your
550-5.7.1 service provider instead. Learn more at
550 5.7.1 l18-20020a05620a28d200b0069fe1e839c2si2875126qkp.431 - gsmtp

Have any other members had issues making / requesting / downloading data archives over the past five months or so?

My own requests have been failing since January.

I've raised the question with @woozle, though to date there's been no resolution.


So... I don't suppose anyone knows how to set up a VirtualBox instance to be able to access the host machine's LAN.

I know how to get it to access the internet, but I specifically need it to be able to connect to a machine on our LAN (so I can safely connect to a POP3 server without encryption).

jobs increasingly seem to want experience with a framework, preferably Laravel.

I've been too busy working with MediaWiki and writing my own framework to learn another one. Am I doomed?

Disemployed in Durham

P.S. Do I really have to learn or am I also additionally doomed because I doan wanna?

Okay, I think I've got it.


  • a Libravatar account has zero or more profiles.
  • each profile corresponds to an email address and an avatar

So: say you're in Liberapay trying to set up a new team, and you want to give it a different avatar from your primary account, you add a new email address at Liberatar and give the team that email address for fetching the avatar.

(These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Federation for Documentation Accuracy).)

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Is anyone here familiar with ? I'm... not understanding how it works.

That is, I thought I understood, but further evidence has shown that I do not.

Well. That's a thing.

does a better job of importing from than does , a Firefox clone.

Out-Of-Office (European)
I’m away camping for the summer. Please email back in September.

Out-Of-Office (American)
I have left the office for two hours to undergo kidney surgery, but you can reach me on my cell any time.

lyrics finished

(from The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The Musical)

When you're all finished working it out
millions of years from now
will there still be any electricity
so you can print the question you see?
While you are busy doing those sums,
will I have things to do?
What can the answer possibly mean, sir
when it's forty-two?

I'll just wait for you.
And when it's all spelled out,
what is next to do?

Will I know exactly, in every detail
how I'm supposed to be?
Will there be instructions to explain my life,
mapped and laid out when I arrive?
Will there be answers filled in a form
that tells me what to do?
Will I still be so hopelessly ditzy
when I'm forty-two?

Maybe then I'll really understand just how to get along
in this messed-up place.
We can work it out!
Recalculate the world
Fix the human race.

Give me a clue now, show me your work --
how far have you got?
Have you squared the circle, found the end of pi,
got it cut and hung up to dry?
Just how close are you to getting it solved?
Please give me a clue.
I'm getting impatient - I need the equation
which equals forty-two!

: YouTube has a good selection of really excellent digitizations of classic 78 RPM recordings, which you can download with youtube-dl or yt-dlp... and a lot of copyrights will be expiring over the next decade. (Some already have.)

Gotta love how a Firefox clone can't detect profiles from actual!Firefox to import.

...and as usual, of course, you can't browse for them. (I've run into this before; not sure whose fault it is.)

4-5 weeks, bonded in a stray litter :3

gonna take them in, just got all the baby food :3

introducing bit and trit #kittens

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Moxi again! (I posted this before but it doesn't seem to have been sent xd)

When a kitten reaches one year old they become a cat

This is known as the cat mitzvah

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