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Should I try again? I have both pro and con reasons...

nagged me to install the latest version. It also offered to take me to the download page to fetch it, but that didn't work for some reason.

I downloaded the .deb for 7.11 manually and installed it. On running, though, it just gives a segfault and dies.

I found the previous version and reinstalled that (after trying a few other things); works ok.

Ubuntu-MATE 21.10, Intel i5, 24 GB RAM

*hides itself under a post in your fedi timeline*
*tail sticks out*

The real question, though, is: does this job want me?

The consensus has been "no" for many years now.

Hot takes:

  • Proprietary software is theft.
  • Profit is theft.*

* this may by now be a lukewarm take

Does anyone know if there's some way of making the left-hand column wider in ? There doesn't seem to be a way to grab the right-hand side of that column.

For extra points: If you try really hard, you can accidentally grab a track and move it without meaning to. Which is totally fine, since there's no way to time-lock individual tracks (as far as I can tell).

Wild idea: single-user OS for older equipment.

Given how much more sluggish stuff is now vs Windows 98SE circa 2001, despite the computing power being orders of magnitude higher, I have to wonder if this couldn't be a thing.

Actually, I guess the real question is: what is really eating all that computing power?

Side-tooting myself: If anyone chimes in about how I shouldn't be doing multitrack mixing on an ancient i5 machine, I'm gonna give 'em an earful about how I did exactly that with CoolEdit Pro on a Pentium something-or-other in 2001 with 256 MB.

...okay, maybe it was an AMD chip. This was before I started keeping records of my hardware.

Why doesn't have a "silence" effect? Why isn't there some way to cut stuff out of a track without shifting it timewise? (Or is there, and I just haven't found it yet?)

Going with the "wipe it" option. I was only trying out Funkwhale because I thought it might be an easy win; I really don't need to be taking on more technical debt or learning curves right now.

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...and now I'm caught between trying to figure out how to set up tables on postgres and wanting to just wipe all that stuff off the server and get it back to something approximating where it was before I started.

Neither option has a clear path forward.

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Also, where did I get the idea that Funkwhale can work with MySQL? Apparently it requires postgres, like so many other things unaccountably do.

Also also, why do things require postgres instead of being engine-agnostic.

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I just wanna know who thought dark-red-on-black was a good color scheme for undecipherable error messages.

I did a music.

It's not finished, and yet for some reason I decided to do a video. :blobcatgooglyshrug:

Also, I can think of at least 4 other songs that it reminds me of, or that I've sort of used bits of -- not enough to be derivative, though, I think.

first-world-problems adulting rant 

So I discovered today that Costco apparently sent back my omeprazole prescrip because, what with one thing and another, it took over a month between when they had it ready and when I was able to go pick it up.

Fine, I thought; I'll just re-request it when I get home.

But no. Apparently when they tried to update my name by unsubscribing and re-subscribing me, they disconnected me from the service altogether. Also, the "unsubscribe" notification came after the "subscribe" notification... and when I try to request a refill, it not only tells me I'm unsubscribed but also it's back to deadnaming me.

(The sub and unsub notifs were both to my correct name, so... .)

Fine, I think to myself: there are options here. It says I can type "p" to update my preferences -- yay, that should let me resubscribe and fix my name! Right?

Wrong. It doesn't let me do either of those things. And requesting a refill still just returns a message that I'm unsubscribed.


The site did give an email address for help, and I've sent an email, but how much do you want to bet that the only thing they're allowed to do on the email side of things is tell me to call?

And obviously doing it in person didn't work either, so that will leave me just the calling option.

...and the reason I'm using this thing in the first place is BECAUSE I HAVE PHONE-PHOBIA AND REALLY DO NOT LIKE MAKING PHONE CALLS. 😡

(...and also the Costco app refuses to recognize my existence, which "doesn't match their records", otherwise I'd be using that.)

Thank you for coming to my TED Rant. Please be sure to dislike and unsubscribe, innocent of the knowledge that you will never be able to subscribe ever again.

...for A THOUSAND YEARS. (⬅️ reference to a certain cat meme)

Me to

Your software parsed my résumé rather badly, but your site won't let me edit it. Pressing the "edit" links just scrolls to the top of the page.

If you need someone to fix your system, my rates are very reasonable.


Woozalia Staddon

...except the file I thought I had created hadn't actually been saved.

So... I fixed something, but I've no idea how.

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